Stop The Killing

14 Sep

Radical minority groups continue to launch fictional science sustaining their hatred of our national heritage horse “The Brumby”. Lodging false claims of massive damage being done by these horses to our public land, this misleading claim  is often heard from taxpayer funded public servants employed in the National Parks service.

This control of our Brumby by gunship helicopters manned by so called sharp shooters under claims it is a humane method of culling the horses, has been found false. Factual finding from their 2000 gunship cull of the NSW Guy Fawkes National Park where over 200 horses shot, many with horric wounds, proves this method inacurate and inhumane.

This video reveals slaughter of foaling mares by an unknown gunman captured on camera by a dedicated Brumby minder who was in the High Country of the Snowy when he came across this person killing our heritage horses… A must view  

Help us help the Brumby from this mindless extermination, protect what’s left of our heritage horses – Contact us:


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