NSW Government Report Declare Brumbies Heritage Horses

14 Oct
A Snowy Mountain Brumby Stalion

A Snowy Mountain Brumby Stalion

With Greens engineered findings, supported by both Labor and Liberal NSW Government that the Brumby is a feral animal, we must ask the question:

“Why, after a Brumby Heritage Working Party convened by the NSW Government Minister for the environment in 2002 submitted their final report with findings establishing the “Wild Horse Brumby is of Australian Heritage” and yet we still hear today, from the NSW Government, the Radical Green Groups, and our National Parks, all refer to our Brumby as a FERAL ANIMAL?

We further ask, why will they not remove aerial culling from the table when humane methods outside the agenda they have engineered are available by consultation with the people of Australia.

Click to read that report  brumby-herritage-finding-report-2002



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2 responses to “NSW Government Report Declare Brumbies Heritage Horses

  1. Donna Bruce

    October 19, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    FINALLY someone hits the proverbial nail on the head!!! I’ve been asking this very same question of every brumby group around since reading the report myself and coming to the same conclusion; they CANNOT declare one population of brumbies as being heritage without the same applying to ALL brumbies across our country. Fantastic to see your group approaching this issue from the very angle used to basically ban Aerial Culling in NSW since 2002. Will watch for further updates.

  2. Donna Bruce

    October 31, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    I agree that every person who wishes to see the future of our brumbies secured must be part of any campaign, however there are many and varied reasons this doesn’t presently happen and I don’t believe we’ll see unity of this kind any time soon unfortunately.
    At present we have brumby groups who breed and those who don’t, we have alliances and those not part of them, we have ‘management plans’ being drawn up by individual groups who are receiving little or no support from others, we have those advocating the brumby through ‘challenges’ and those condemning them for same….it’s a very difficult and volatile path to tread and consequently isn’t for those without the required commitment to the cause. My personal goal is to see them recognised, acknowledged and preserved. I would very much like to assist you in your efforts as I believe you share the same goal and from what I can ascertain, you’re working for the benefit of the horses future and not your own. Sifting the ‘gunnado’s from the doer’s is the hard bit I feel, and is an issue any ’cause’ will face along the way to any sort of success..please feel free to contact me via FB if you wish to discuss my ideas further. Cheers and keep up the fight.


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