Chopper goat cull hailed as a success

31 Oct

gunshipEstablished no aerial culling in National Parks applies in NSW introduced in 2002 by Environment Mkinister and Attorney General, Bob Debus. This has not been rescinded, why then would NSW have an aerial culling team sent to Victoria aerial shooting goats in your National Park? 

Your taxpayer dollars cost $1283 per goat

 ABC News Reported:

A $50,000 effort to eradicate feral goats from two regional parks in north-east Victoria has been hailed a success. 

In a trial program, specialised shooters from New South Wales used helicopters to kill 39 goats over four days. 

Dan McLaughlin, from Parks Victoria, says the program will now be evaluated to decide if this technique could be used in other areas of the state. 

“Yeah, every goat that the pilot and the shooters saw, they were all dispatched. 

“So 100 per cent success rate. 

“As far as we know, that’s all the goats that were in there, because everything they saw was shot.”


Did you know the NSW O’Farrell Liberal/Nationals signed a memorandum of agreement to recognise the Brumby heritage and “shooting will not be permitted as a management tool” to be implemented within 6 months of taking office? – THEY LIED – They breached this legal document for political compliance with radical green agenda to exterminate the Brumby forever at any cost. – Read this memorandum [HERE]

Did you know a NSW Government appointed a Heritage Working Party on the Brumby, and their report establish that the Brumby is a heritage horse? So why does government continue to classify the brumby as feral? – Read this report [HERE

Did you know the “Hankin Archaeological Investigation Report” established the Brumby to be heritage to Australia? – Read this [HERE]

The killing MUST STOP – NOW!


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One response to “Chopper goat cull hailed as a success


    November 13, 2013 at 7:56 am

    The RSPCA are just getting worse and worse..their care factor for animals is a big fat 0. It’s all about the money money money..they don’t care that an animal suffers in the process. Horses, roos, whatever..who care right? I have no respect for any RSPCA in this country. You lie with your ads all animals great and small..what’s that ad about? Is it you allow pain and torture for all animals great and small? You need to change your ways in regards to animals as people are loving animals more and more these days, people see what you do more and more these should be the first to say NO! put yourself in a Brumbies hooves. We are animals ourselves, as smart as we are we are dumber then animals. We don’t get along, we have no respect for each other nor other living things in this world..I personal hate being part of the human race.


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