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Massacre fall out Lake Gregory

lake gregory 3On October 30th hundreds of Arabian Brumbies at Lake Gregory were shot from the air by a sniper, hired from the Dept. of Agriculture and using a helicopter paid for with tax payers money.

This ‘cull’ had been ordered by the Pastoral Lands Board, a section of the Dept of Rural Development and Lands in Western Australia, which delegates pastoral leases.

The lease of Lake Gregory Station is held by the Aboriginal Lands Trust, a section of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

A private pastoralist has asked to sub-lease Lake Gregory from the ALT to put cattle out for the live export trade.

Excuses touted by government for this ‘cull’ were that there were too many horses

Pastoral Lands Board, Rob Gillam said 9,000, Dept.Aboriginal Affairs said 5,620,

The Aboriginal Community members said up to 2,000.

Wild Horses Kimberley had 2 teams drive around the entire area twice and counted

up to a mere 500.

A second excuse by government was that horses were getting stuck in mud.

Wild Horses Kimberley asked the ALT 5 years ago to invest in equipment to create safe water points around the lake and get old bores running again; nothing happened.

Horses attempted to get water from a dam at Balgo because the troughs next to the dam hadn’t been filled by the residents.

A third excuse by government was that ‘overgrazing’ was occurring. They thought that horses were eating grasses that should have been available for cattle. But scientific proof shows that horses only eat the tops of grasses and cattle eat the lower areas. Cattle and horses can exist together.(Princeton University study-see WHK website). Government now plans to put thousands more cattle onto this area. This will cause massive environmental damage to the lake as cattle wallow in water and trample flora.

After the ‘cull’ horses were left dying. Dept. Agriculture estimated that about 1% did not die after the initial shot. This means that many horses suffered agonizing slow death in 40d heat.

RSPCA, which supported the aerial ‘cull’ has not found an excuse for this.

Reports from the lake say that

*dead horses have been left everywhere and are contaminating the area, including the water for the remaining horses, cattle, wildlife, birds and fish.

*requests for funds to get old bores working to provide fresh water have been ignored.

*requests to humanely manage horse numbers using infertility drug Pzp on mares and gelding, stallions, passive trapping for re-homing, have all been ignored.

The Lake Gregory horses are a valuable asset to the three Aboriginal Communities living at Lake Gregory. Introduced Arabians at Balgo by the Pallotine priest Father John McGuire have developed into strong bloodlines which the Sheik of Dubai, Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum sought out and managed to take 13 Lake Gregory horses to Dubai for endurance riding in 2007. Most of these horses live near Mulan where the people have grown up respecting and loving their horses. At the third community Mindibungu (Bililuna) the Percheron bloodlines were introduced along with Arabians to produce very big heavy strong horses, much valued by horsemen all over the world.

Wild Horses Kimberley will continue to save and protect the wild horses, raising funds to provide safe areas where they can be managed and allowed to run free to spread the indigenous seed, create fire breaks with their tracks, keep the grasses down to prevent fires.

Governments throughout the world must be educated to understand the ways of the wild horse and their benefit to our environment. Killing horses en masse must never be allowed to happen again.

Elizabeth Lovegrove

Wild Horses Kimberley


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Government and RSPCA Sanctioned Horrific Brumby Cull

peter collier 8The horrific inhumane slaughter of heritage Brumbies around Lake Gregory on Aboriginal Tribal land in the WA Kimberley’s is an international disgrace sanctioned by the Peter Collier (left),WA Government Minister for Aboriginal Affairs,

lynne-bradshaw-RSPCA PresidentIt is more than disturbing that after the RSPCA white wash of the 2000 NSW Guy Fawks National Parks aerial culling charges they laid on the National Parks and that aerial culling was found to be inhumane, we see the  WA and Australian President Lynne Bradshaw (right) also sanctioning this slaughter and stating “It is Humane“.

It is further disturbing that the land owners requested no culling of their horses yet the slaughter went ahead on some agenda other than the welfare of the Brumbies.

Email Peter Collier with your comments:

Here are some pictures of their HUMANE culling at Lake Gregory

lake gregory 4

lake gregory 3

dingo feed & breed on lake gregory Brumby move on to eat water birds

dingo breed on culls megafauna massacres

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7’000 Brumbies Slaughtered Many Left To Die

Kimberley Culling Victims are a National Disgrace

Kimberley Culling Victims are a National Disgrace

gunshipOctober 2013 at the Western Australian East Kimberley’s around Lake Gregory became a killing field for over 7,000 brumbies, executed from mustering helicopters conducting an aerial cull with shooters using military SLR rifles, leaving mortally and seriously wounded horses across the landscape, all sanctioned by the RSPCA saying “they demanded the brumbies be killed instantly through an accurately-fired shot, through the head or thorax”.

No question a culling was required, with many options available and proven humane which aerial shooting is not one of them.

So we ask this question, why the traditional owners of the land and all the brumbies, were not consulted by the lessees, the WA Ministers involved, and the RSPCA over this disgraceful inhumane execution of their heritage horses?

Read  the full story [HERE]


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Horse Facts expose Australian Science Fiction

Facts from British science and historians back to the earliest of time, report that horses are a necessity for biodiversity, environment and well being of forest.

Australian scientist working on taxpayer funded grants to supply government with findings for agenda reasons have established from just decades of suspect research that the wild horses are destroying Australian biodiversity and environment to keep the funding flowing.

You can see on any true visit to the Snowy Mountains (without being on a greenie guided tour that takes in the few remaining spots of true wilderness), what has been done to your heritage land now covered in blackberries, scrub, rubbish growths and bushfire damage from mismanagement of hazard reduction, all being accoladed by the environmentalist fraternity as saving the environment.

This quote is from the last paragraph of the detailed history of British forests you must read. Note the forest condition in the pictures to the Australian forest condition.

 New Forest Rangers

Finally no account of the Forest’s history would be complete without mention of the New Forest Pony which has been ever present since the earliest of times. It is the grazing of these animals plus other Commoners’ stock and the wild herds of deer that maintain the special character of the area. Without them the open heathland and lawns would soon revert to scrub. Pine and Silver Birch would rapidly invade the heathlands, whilst the Ancient & Ornamental woods would become overgrown with dense, under-storey vegetation. These animals are quite rightly known as the “Architects of the Forest”..

Please visit this link to read the full amazing report-


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Drone Camera Aircraft

Drone aircraft-1

Aerial photography from radio controlled unmanned aircraft offers great pictures and streamed video for many reasons having been around for several years now.

One of these machines used to gather information by investigators who do not believe information being handed out by spin doctors is the Lehmann Aviation’s LFPV UAV that packs GPS, autopilot, 11MP cam, 1080p video, very silent engine and many other features.

Having a large range and being totally portable, this unit is controlled kilometres away from target areas and the results are stunning, even damning.

We were amazed that NSW Snowy Mountains National Parks staff were amazed at the concept mentioned at our June meeting in Tumut when it was suggested as a alternative to choppers being silent, cost effective and accurate for counting Brumbies  

We hope to bring you some aerial evidence soon.



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RSPCA Brumby aerial culling support shocks all

RSPCA Sights on our Brumby

RSPCA Sights on our Brumby

After the RSPCA dismisal of all cruelty charges but one against NSW National Parks over the Guy Fawkes aerial slaughter of the Brumby, and the massive public outcry to their white washing still remains. Evidence from that case revealed aerial culling INHUMANE and the practice was stopped by the Attorney General that remains today.

This RSPCA public organisation management needs to obtain a good memory if they wish to change facts to suit some driving agenda.

Weely Times September 24, 2013

THE RSPCA has shocked supporters by proposing the use of helicopters to shoot wild brumbies in Victoria’s High Country.

The suggestion has also stunned Victorian Government officials which said shooting of free roaming horses had not even been on the agenda.

The RSPCA said aerial culling “may be one of the most humane methods currently available”.

“Shooting free roaming horses is not considered a control option as part of the current consultation,” a Parks Victoria spokesman said.

Read the whole story [HERE]

To understand the cruelty in aerial shooting the Brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Parks view this video of the incident, the RSPCA hype then backdown, the government denial followed by excuses as damning evidence came to light… Click [HERE] to view the video.

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Dingoes To Kill Brumbies in Parks

Green Academic Fiction WriterTaxpayer government grants to these cloned accademics have produced these findings from scientist expecting credability from a thinking Australian public now well aware of radical and ratbag green engineering to suit agenda on political dollars.

From the Weekly Times:

SCIENTISTS believe dingoes can provide “a natural control” of feral brumbies in Victoria’s high country.

The research scientists advocate dingoes “as the only native predator capable of taking large exotic grazers”.

They admitted it was a radical solution which would cause controversy.

A spokeswoman for one brumby group called the dingo proposal “barbaric”.

The proposal by the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology, formed from La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne, was among 84 public submissions made to a State Government inquiry into brumby control.

More than a third of the submissions favour aerial shooting to control the estimated 8200-10,100 wild horses in the alps. The Government has already ruled out shooting.

Parks Victoria is developing a contentious program to tackle the thousands of wild brumbies that many conservationists claim are damaging wilderness areas.

The Victorian Alps Wild Horse Management Plan is designed to guide the management of wild horses and their impact on public land.

Options being considered include the live removal of captured horses for donation to carers on private land, live removal of horses for sale at saleyards, and the euthanasia of captured horses.

Public submissions, together with advice from a roundtable group, a public perception survey, interviews with key interest groups and advice from a technical reference group are being considered as the draft plan is developed.

A draft management plan will be released for public debate later this year with the final strategy to be completed early next year.

Submissions from many organisations, including the RSPCA, Bushwalking Victoria, Gippsland Environment Group, Invasive Species Council and the Victorian National Parks Association, said aerial culling was preferable to chasing, roping and transporting the horses long distances which would cause unnecessary stress.

The research centre said dingoes would not solve all the brumby problems.

“The dingo should be seen as a legitimate key species of the alpine environment providing a long-term, natural control of feral horses,” the centre’s submission said.

Source: [HERE]


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