RSPCA Brumby aerial culling support shocks all

01 Nov
RSPCA Sights on our Brumby

RSPCA Sights on our Brumby

After the RSPCA dismisal of all cruelty charges but one against NSW National Parks over the Guy Fawkes aerial slaughter of the Brumby, and the massive public outcry to their white washing still remains. Evidence from that case revealed aerial culling INHUMANE and the practice was stopped by the Attorney General that remains today.

This RSPCA public organisation management needs to obtain a good memory if they wish to change facts to suit some driving agenda.

Weely Times September 24, 2013

THE RSPCA has shocked supporters by proposing the use of helicopters to shoot wild brumbies in Victoria’s High Country.

The suggestion has also stunned Victorian Government officials which said shooting of free roaming horses had not even been on the agenda.

The RSPCA said aerial culling “may be one of the most humane methods currently available”.

“Shooting free roaming horses is not considered a control option as part of the current consultation,” a Parks Victoria spokesman said.

Read the whole story [HERE]

To understand the cruelty in aerial shooting the Brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Parks view this video of the incident, the RSPCA hype then backdown, the government denial followed by excuses as damning evidence came to light… Click [HERE] to view the video.

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