Horse Facts expose Australian Science Fiction

05 Nov

Facts from British science and historians back to the earliest of time, report that horses are a necessity for biodiversity, environment and well being of forest.

Australian scientist working on taxpayer funded grants to supply government with findings for agenda reasons have established from just decades of suspect research that the wild horses are destroying Australian biodiversity and environment to keep the funding flowing.

You can see on any true visit to the Snowy Mountains (without being on a greenie guided tour that takes in the few remaining spots of true wilderness), what has been done to your heritage land now covered in blackberries, scrub, rubbish growths and bushfire damage from mismanagement of hazard reduction, all being accoladed by the environmentalist fraternity as saving the environment.

This quote is from the last paragraph of the detailed history of British forests you must read. Note the forest condition in the pictures to the Australian forest condition.

 New Forest Rangers

Finally no account of the Forest’s history would be complete without mention of the New Forest Pony which has been ever present since the earliest of times. It is the grazing of these animals plus other Commoners’ stock and the wild herds of deer that maintain the special character of the area. Without them the open heathland and lawns would soon revert to scrub. Pine and Silver Birch would rapidly invade the heathlands, whilst the Ancient & Ornamental woods would become overgrown with dense, under-storey vegetation. These animals are quite rightly known as the “Architects of the Forest”..

Please visit this link to read the full amazing report-


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