Government and RSPCA Sanctioned Horrific Brumby Cull

17 Nov

peter collier 8The horrific inhumane slaughter of heritage Brumbies around Lake Gregory on Aboriginal Tribal land in the WA Kimberley’s is an international disgrace sanctioned by the Peter Collier (left),WA Government Minister for Aboriginal Affairs,

lynne-bradshaw-RSPCA PresidentIt is more than disturbing that after the RSPCA white wash of the 2000 NSW Guy Fawks National Parks aerial culling charges they laid on the National Parks and that aerial culling was found to be inhumane, we see the  WA and Australian President Lynne Bradshaw (right) also sanctioning this slaughter and stating “It is Humane“.

It is further disturbing that the land owners requested no culling of their horses yet the slaughter went ahead on some agenda other than the welfare of the Brumbies.

Email Peter Collier with your comments:

Here are some pictures of their HUMANE culling at Lake Gregory

lake gregory 4

lake gregory 3

dingo feed & breed on lake gregory Brumby move on to eat water birds

dingo breed on culls megafauna massacres

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