Massacre fall out Lake Gregory

19 Nov

lake gregory 3On October 30th hundreds of Arabian Brumbies at Lake Gregory were shot from the air by a sniper, hired from the Dept. of Agriculture and using a helicopter paid for with tax payers money.

This ‘cull’ had been ordered by the Pastoral Lands Board, a section of the Dept of Rural Development and Lands in Western Australia, which delegates pastoral leases.

The lease of Lake Gregory Station is held by the Aboriginal Lands Trust, a section of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

A private pastoralist has asked to sub-lease Lake Gregory from the ALT to put cattle out for the live export trade.

Excuses touted by government for this ‘cull’ were that there were too many horses

Pastoral Lands Board, Rob Gillam said 9,000, Dept.Aboriginal Affairs said 5,620,

The Aboriginal Community members said up to 2,000.

Wild Horses Kimberley had 2 teams drive around the entire area twice and counted

up to a mere 500.

A second excuse by government was that horses were getting stuck in mud.

Wild Horses Kimberley asked the ALT 5 years ago to invest in equipment to create safe water points around the lake and get old bores running again; nothing happened.

Horses attempted to get water from a dam at Balgo because the troughs next to the dam hadn’t been filled by the residents.

A third excuse by government was that ‘overgrazing’ was occurring. They thought that horses were eating grasses that should have been available for cattle. But scientific proof shows that horses only eat the tops of grasses and cattle eat the lower areas. Cattle and horses can exist together.(Princeton University study-see WHK website). Government now plans to put thousands more cattle onto this area. This will cause massive environmental damage to the lake as cattle wallow in water and trample flora.

After the ‘cull’ horses were left dying. Dept. Agriculture estimated that about 1% did not die after the initial shot. This means that many horses suffered agonizing slow death in 40d heat.

RSPCA, which supported the aerial ‘cull’ has not found an excuse for this.

Reports from the lake say that

*dead horses have been left everywhere and are contaminating the area, including the water for the remaining horses, cattle, wildlife, birds and fish.

*requests for funds to get old bores working to provide fresh water have been ignored.

*requests to humanely manage horse numbers using infertility drug Pzp on mares and gelding, stallions, passive trapping for re-homing, have all been ignored.

The Lake Gregory horses are a valuable asset to the three Aboriginal Communities living at Lake Gregory. Introduced Arabians at Balgo by the Pallotine priest Father John McGuire have developed into strong bloodlines which the Sheik of Dubai, Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum sought out and managed to take 13 Lake Gregory horses to Dubai for endurance riding in 2007. Most of these horses live near Mulan where the people have grown up respecting and loving their horses. At the third community Mindibungu (Bililuna) the Percheron bloodlines were introduced along with Arabians to produce very big heavy strong horses, much valued by horsemen all over the world.

Wild Horses Kimberley will continue to save and protect the wild horses, raising funds to provide safe areas where they can be managed and allowed to run free to spread the indigenous seed, create fire breaks with their tracks, keep the grasses down to prevent fires.

Governments throughout the world must be educated to understand the ways of the wild horse and their benefit to our environment. Killing horses en masse must never be allowed to happen again.

Elizabeth Lovegrove

Wild Horses Kimberley


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2 responses to “Massacre fall out Lake Gregory

  1. Dorothy

    November 20, 2013 at 12:33 am

    The sooner we can all live without the overpowering jurisdiction of persons of diminished intellect who think this type of action is clever, to live without those in authority who are so overtaken by their ego or more accurately defined, their “Pain Body”, to be able to do without all forms of human governence in every respect is a day too far away for all creatures on earth.

  2. Lucinda Chamberlain

    November 23, 2013 at 7:16 am

    I find it appalling after this article in the Australian shooting culling Brumby Horses is tolerable .. however isnt it a lie to say its for the environment when by all Govt acts, cattle grazing for fire management is being trailed? From the Australian newspaper. article for people who cant see it.

    Charlie Lovick, at Wonnangatta Station in Victoria’s high country this week, wants to see cattle re-introduced to the area to control weeds and fuel loads. `It could soon all be lost’.
    THE cattlemen from Snowy River country have been given their final chance to graze their charges deep in the granite heart of Australia’s alpine wilderness. The Victorian government is backing a three-year trial of cattle grazing in the Wonnangatta Valley, once the most remote of the high-country stations, wedged in anonymity between the Mount Buller ski fields, the Great Dividing Range and the Snowy River.Victorian Environment Minister Ryan Smith will refer the issue to the Abbott government on Monday, backing a scientific study during the summer months of about 60 head of hereford and angus cattle.It will be part of a scientific investigation of bushfire prevention options across 2200 hectares that cattleman Charlie Lovick and his kindred spirits hope will take them back to their heartland.As fuel loads increase and weeds take hold in the Wonnangatta Valley, Mr Lovick and several prominent mountain-cattle families gathered this week to argue that Pitt Street “greenies” have missed the point about the Victorian and NSW high country. Environmentalists, they say, are killing the mountains with misguided kindness. “From our point of view, the bush is dead,” Mr Lovick told The Weekend Australian. “There’s just not the people around. We are told we are a dying race.”Now into his 60s, Mr Lovick knows the country as well as anyone, having ridden the hills and valleys for more than 50 years, his skills called upon to train Tom Burlinson for the film version of Banjo Patterson’s The Man From Snowy River.As a 14-year-old, he galloped his way across the Wonnangatta Valley, about 250km northeast of Melbourne, but today weeds are among the many obstacles that would pull that equine sprint back to a walk.For decades he and his wife, Glenda, roamed the mountains with their cattle, but the decision of successive Labor governments to ban alpine grazing has not only curbed the cattle but slowly throttled the high-country legend.”We’re getting older, our kids have had to do other things,” Mr Lovick said. “It could soon all be lost.”The Lovicks are just one of a group of families barred from grazing in the alpine areas. They shared the dislocation with other high-country families this week including the Stoneys, McCormacks, Coopers and Turners, who all bounced their way into the valley by four-wheel drive from as far afield as Wulgulmerang near the Snowy River.The preservation of Australian bush heritage will be crucial to the application.Wonnangatta is old pastoral land in a valley several kilometres long and several hundred metres wide. It sits below Mt Buller and it is roughly 70km as the crow flies to the Snowy River. It was settled in 1860 and taken from private hands in 1988.The valley is the only potential fire refuge for hundreds of campers who descend on the area each summer, surrounded by razor-edged peaks with only crawling-pace tracks.The closure of cattle grazing in the area has had unintended consequences: fuel load has galloped ahead in the valley and weeds, from thistles to blackberries, are choking the flats.”It’s not an ideological position, it’s a land-management issue,” Mr Smith said. “To manage the process is not a one-hit fix.”The Victorian government plans to conduct the first of its grazing trials as early as January next year, as long as federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt gives the scientific survey the go-ahead.A spokesman for Mr Hunt said yesterday the government would assess the referral when it was received in accordance with Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.Former Labor environment minister Tony Burke opposed the Victorian government’s first bid for a high-country grazing trial last year, but the politics have changed in Canberra, giving the cattlemen their best — probably last — chance of returning.Mr Burke enraged the cattlemen when he compared the trial of grazing with Japan’s so-called scientific whaling program.


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