Eradication Engineers Of the Australian Brumby

01 Dec

Horse eradication order

Without peer review this report was a bench mark used to formulate Snowy Brumby management plans which is more than disturbing. All these findings were funded by taxpayer money.


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One response to “Eradication Engineers Of the Australian Brumby

  1. christine

    June 23, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Can we get rid of human interference as well while we are eradicating all that harms our environment. Man has caused far more damage than any animal, native or introduced. Let nature take care of the population, the strong will live the weak will die. Horses, cows and deer will keep under growth down to prevent forest fires, they rejuvenate the land and native fauna flourishes. Man bulldozes indiscriminately in the name of progress with little regard to the environment and its infrastructure, then has the nerve to blame animals for being a ‘nuisance’. Then lets look at the rubbish we dump along the way, it amazes me how many VB or such cans seen deep in the bushland – tossed aside by a Brumby – no MAN!


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