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How can you identify ‘hard hoof haters’ touring in the wilderness? These are self reliant occupations for paying guests with hard boots, spikes and nails, wheels to churn soil and run water, bury weed seed dragged all over the country washed off, rattled off, thousands of kilometres from their source. Human pathogens carted from all over the world, dumped anywhere for dingo to feast on and distribute.

Consumerist industrial gadgetry, partial to stream bank erosion, soil erosion, destruction of water quality, spreading weeds, toxins and oils in the water and environment. Our national debt has spiralled out of control since the 1920s when modern Australia was built on the efforts of (wo)men and their animals.  This appears acceptable to have gadgets suppress the fire, carry the visitors, build the resorts, powerlines, dams declared natural or legitimate but if your ride, pack put in a vehicle, a horse, bullock, donkey, goat then the gang green will have a helicopter sent in to arrest you and aerial cull your animal(s) vilified for having hard hooves. Yes the shape of your feet and your mode of travel is now a crime in Australia especially public thoroughfare and public land someone confiscated off local community management and declared it national park, wilderness, city water catchment, tourist destination.

Our public land was taken from families occupied as crown land and water lessees farmers, foresters, fishermen paying cash for the selective harvesting of grass, trees, water, fish in return for ecoservices applied to public lands and water of reducing pest plants, fire risk, road and fire track repair, assisting lost souls, policing and setting some standards of acceptable behaviours and impacts, dealing with pest animals if they were genuine pests not those with hooves because of some foreign fanaticism. A fanaticism based on invalid unsubstantiated claims to remove sections of community giving the ‘elite, exclusive access’ to national facilities on a whim because they have engineered political contacts. Beauty spots to trash move on and get the government to procure another venue for trashing via a thing called tourism. Spiritual renewal gaining access to the Australian wilderness to wreckreate.  Wreck a vehicle and then go and buy a new one to do it all over again.

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