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How can you identify ‘hard hoof haters’ touring in the wilderness? These are self reliant occupations for paying guests with hard boots, spikes and nails, wheels to churn soil and run water, bury weed seed dragged all over the country washed off, rattled off, thousands of kilometres from their source. Human pathogens carted from all over the world, dumped anywhere for dingo to feast on and distribute.

Consumerist industrial gadgetry, partial to stream bank erosion, soil erosion, destruction of water quality, spreading weeds, toxins and oils in the water and environment. Our national debt has spiralled out of control since the 1920s when modern Australia was built on the efforts of (wo)men and their animals.  This appears acceptable to have gadgets suppress the fire, carry the visitors, build the resorts, powerlines, dams declared natural or legitimate but if your ride, pack put in a vehicle, a horse, bullock, donkey, goat then the gang green will have a helicopter sent in to arrest you and aerial cull your animal(s) vilified for having hard hooves. Yes the shape of your feet and your mode of travel is now a crime in Australia especially public thoroughfare and public land someone confiscated off local community management and declared it national park, wilderness, city water catchment, tourist destination.

Our public land was taken from families occupied as crown land and water lessees farmers, foresters, fishermen paying cash for the selective harvesting of grass, trees, water, fish in return for ecoservices applied to public lands and water of reducing pest plants, fire risk, road and fire track repair, assisting lost souls, policing and setting some standards of acceptable behaviours and impacts, dealing with pest animals if they were genuine pests not those with hooves because of some foreign fanaticism. A fanaticism based on invalid unsubstantiated claims to remove sections of community giving the ‘elite, exclusive access’ to national facilities on a whim because they have engineered political contacts. Beauty spots to trash move on and get the government to procure another venue for trashing via a thing called tourism. Spiritual renewal gaining access to the Australian wilderness to wreckreate.  Wreck a vehicle and then go and buy a new one to do it all over again.

Disposable destinations.

Visit once and move on. No commitment or genuine concern other than for what the gang green can extract from the environment. Gang green because of their propensity to stack Ministerial advisory committees manipulating public and national assets buy votes and favours with the people’s possessions. Environmentalism is purely a selfish antisocial philosophy, where believers suggest they have no obligation to the environment except visit, look, take photos and retreat back to the towns and cities to repair gadgets and work to buy more gadgets for the next adventure.

If they see a Brumby, some one on horse back, a camel, donkey, goat, water buffalo, a cow or sheep then political representations be made to have these animals removed as a matter of urgency “because of their impacts??????.” Photographs and notes made of impacts to water quality, biodiversity, tracks potential for disease and weed contamination to the exclusion of 4WD or bushwalking traffic implied as perfect and expected acceptable and “natural.” The need for scientific investigations research public paid holidays for academic environmentalists.

Hooved animals have been in existence for 55 million years or more in Australia from 200 years to 20 million years and likely a lot longer than the bushwalking complainants speaking with English and European accents trying to build a niche for themselves on an environmentalist platform. Street addresses as postal contacts and there beside them is tar and cement, water ways full of stench. Their cities a sociological nightmare for their children, elderly and invalid those with little or no disposable income for amusing gadgets and gimmicks. Where are the wombats, emu, ducks, kangaroo, wallaby left in town? Where are these animals on the roadways and thoroughfares that used to be stock routes, travel routes for horse drawn vehicles, donkey carts, bullock wagons, goat teams, safe for dairy cattle and sheep to proceed to the dairy or shearing shed without fear of being killed by and oil propelled missile. The wildlife are squashed.

Lethal wheeled weapons run over our wildlife, their habitats cemented over.

They are driven over by fanatics vilifying, marginalising animals with hooves or the people in the company of animals with hooves. Discriminatory against rural minorities setting about the business of securing the nations food supplies, export earning, ecology grazed and fire safe, native species biodiversity enhanced, water supplies secure.


If you are a declared hard hooved animal in Australia this justifies extermination because you might want a drink, make tracks, eat vegetation, your feet boiled up for wallpaper glue or an environmentalists stew. Unsubstantiated claims made about impact in excess of some unknown standard and preconception. If you have hooves or pads with a claw then you have no rights to be Australian, the clever multicultural country where farmers, foresters, fishermen are declared pests and vermin ruining the wilderness, hated by kindergarten teachers brainwashed at university, by the public press, government propaganda sheets.

If you farm or identify with hooved animals you too are declared enemy of what is referred to as environmentalism. There are some laws yet to protect the people from aerial culling but it is being engineered to feed their animals to dingo packs, fed and bred on wildlife in the wilderness or aerial culls of horses, goats, donkey, camel and the dogs will do the job of reclaiming the wilderness from farmers. Install ecotourism, water harvest and public paid research, fire rehabilitation, captive breeding programs as the new industries.

noeline4 noeline3

Environmentalists spiritual renewal in the wilderness, concerned for water quality and large animal impacts, vectors for weeds, pathogens, exotic to the Australian ecology. Environmentalists drive their vehicles all over Australia collecting weed seeds, wash their vehicles off and plant weed seed in cultivated disturbed ground.


Hard hoof haters want to sell you a gadget to replace the horse, camel, donkey with a 4WD, motor bike, helicopter, gun……sell the exclusive wilderness experience…Sell you a story about exotic hard hooved animal impacts on the Australian ecology. Land taken for national park, wilderness is declared no longer available for people to ride their horse, donkey, camel so you have to pay for a 4WD motor, bike, helicopter, walking boots if you want to enter. Pay at the gate for your tax dollar national park. Pay the ‘tour guide,’ report to the ranger to stay in what was the sheep or cattle station headquarters, confiscated for political collateral for the clique. Rate exempt holiday resort.

Paying guests to the public land buy the food and fuel at tourist rates. The imported fish, the shipped in fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, liquid refreshments. The subsidised $60+ billion tourist industry annually, laundering national assets into the pockets of the few at the cost of the nations environment. The nations big animal populations shot to ribbons for being there where a national park wilderness was claimed because the big animals had created the beautiful area. Attracted the wildlife onto the wildflower gardens, the fertile swamps full of frogs, fish, ducks. People calling themselves environmentalists can claim all that political capital for the sake of a bad press campaign and gang green deals in the Ministerial advisory committees carefully selecting “public and scientific opinion!” The big animals that feed the biodiversity, used for target practice. The ecology collapses as a tourist spectacle, before the inevitable inferno institutes a move to a new national park to repeat the policy failures.

After the aerial cull to breed up the dingo, the abandoned ungrazed vegetation heads for inferno. Rest easy “wilderness values have been restored,” horses, camel, goats, donkey shot the sheep cattle gone and the dingo you hear are exterminating the wildlife. Wildlife and wildflowers as they disappear might get a mention on the endangered species business plan. If you want to see the wildlife you’ll have to buy a video or a tea towel. Some one might have a dingo free pen of bettong, bilby, bridle nail tail wallaby…… pay at the gate. Footage and depictions of what it was like before and just after salvation can be bought at the visitors centre.

Stockmen black, white and brindle worked out here to maintain the water, vegetation, thoroughfares, build the amenities in preparation for national park wilderness declaration. These rural communities were considered obstructive of progress in ecotourism so were vilified and denied services or support by our seaside and lake side governments, riddled with environmentalists highly paid in the public sector, academics and bureaucracy to represent their own interests at the ongoing expense of the nation.


Unprovided for impact of fire, flood, drought, media beat up on impact of tracks, potential disease, spread of weeds, impact on water quality are all good reasons to call for “humane aerial culling” approved by rogue shooters passion for cowardly acts (RSPCA). Gun tooting people with veterinary qualifications or big opinions or both will be on site to fill in the paperwork.


While horses served for Bob Carr’s 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, over the hill Bob Debus was declaring war by shooting Brumbies at the request of his green gully cronies from the Blue Mountains. Killer land claims breeding dingo packs on wildlife and aerial culls followed by uncontrollable inferno to inevitably complete the mass extinction process. Dingo then move out onto the nearby farms exterminating the sheep, cattle, goats and farming. This continues expanding the wilderness and tourist destination. Public funded scientists have overseen this process with complicit inactivity to secure their careers and cheap city water.

The 2 Bob NSW Labour government stripped knowledgeable, committed local communities away from 300 parcels of land in NSW 1995-2005. None went through the Planning act to deal with the stripping away of management obligations for weed, pest animal control or fire risk mitigation by previous crown land lessees. The forest thinning the grazing and trampling of tinder enhancement of biodiversity and water catchment values achieved on grazing and forest crown leases.

All these obligations have fallen into a legislative abyss leaving your public assets in a chronic state of neglect and anarchy.

Horses, donkey, camel capable of building Australia 1788-1950+ can now be put in front of the firing squad on the whim of a few fanatics likely doing deals on commercial tourism, public paid research, water salesmen, gadget salesmen, endangered species entrepreneurs………


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