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worboyGraeme Worboy ex-national park staffer, global tourist, committee junkie, is leading the charge for more megafauna massacres in Australia when the forests are burning down from the lack of big animal activity, biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate from destocked dehabited areas denied essential eco-services by boffins and bureaucrats demanding cheap city water, city carbon off sets, man made exclusive wilderness holiday destinations and commissioned science junkets at the environments and public’s expense monitoring the progress of chaos.

One of the greatest hoaxes Australia has witnessed in modern times.

Worboy witnessed that Snowy Brumbies were part of ecologies which resisted incineration in ‘Soil Cons mountains of mulch’ accumulated from 1944-2003 by policies of tyranny, depriving the region of migratory big animal services and or traditional cool fire to recycle nutrients, reinvigorate the ecology and protect it from inevitable drought summer inferno. Processes otherwise in place for millions of years deemed inconvenient for the ruling class for one reason or another.

He and his cult following have not made the connection between cool fire, no fire and animal grazing. The human intervention to manufacture the ‘Australian wilderness’ by dehabitation no graze, no fire until the big one as if by accident, in decades of accumulated fuel, dead grass, flammable scrub, dysfunctional tree growth from hot man made fire stoked by ignorance, belligerence and indolence. The gardens of wildflowers all but gone dead and buried, insects, birds, lizards, frogs gone hungry, mammals gone hungry or to the dingo pack lovingly accumulated to enforce the no graze policies butchering wallaby, wombat, kangaroo, possum, glider, native rodents……..part time raiding the resort tips and toilets of the affluent ski trade.

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With the Victorian government pandering to greens, again the damage fiction being played to remove the Brumbies, your support at this rally would reveal the depth and disgust this culling by stealth has sunk too.

Engineered science over decades tailored to agenda focused on sustaining massive taxpayer funding support of careers and empire building under the environment banner that included the destruction of our accredited national icon heritage horse – The Brumby. Information contained within the NSW Government Heritage Working Party Report plus suggested damage to the environment by these greed driven fiction writers further discredited in this Henkin Archeological Investigation Report


webpage-barmah-ride-posterClick this flyer to download an  A4 poster to printout for display and to pass around for other toget the message out.

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Sorry for delays with postings

Snowy Mountain Brumby Stallion

Snowy Mountain Brumby Stallion copyright SOS-NEWS 2007

This website/blog has been designed to bring information to the people of Australia allowing you to decide if the government eradication plan of our national heritage horse “The Brumby” is what our nation requires.

We have established radical activist from the Green movement are tendering very suspect science, never peer reviewed outside an inner sanctum taxpayer funded circle, that Brumbies are destroying the environment when historic evidence confirms the exact opposite.

This professional blog site was offered and accepted to a new group in June 2013, the Snowy Mountain Brumby Sustainability and Management Group to assist launching their agenda to stop brumby culling. Unfortunately there developed a breakaway faction with the Co-Chairman just weeks after incorporation, a trait he has adopted over many other committees he has spat the dummy when he does not have complete control.

Rather than walk away with years of research data, Brumby experts, academics and scientists that present a formidable attack force to launch support for the salvation of our Brumby in lieu of massaging personal egos and agenda, the original body have decided to proceed as planned under the banner “Snowy Brumby Support Group” (now being incorporated) plus expanding the agenda to all Snowy Mountain Brumbies, NSW,ACT & Victoria who are all under threat.

The interim committee, Beryl Ryan previously elected co-chairperson) remains chairperson, secretary: scientist Noeline Franklin B Sc(Hons),PTC M.Med Sc – Mark Webb, Christine Spicer, Michael Ryan.

Public workshops are underway to enlighten people of the Brumby plight being subjected to fictional science, sustainability of funding, with career moves and well padded wage packages riding on our heritage horse extermination agenda.

Email service is FREE to our “FOLLOW” that updates this blogsite and we encourage you to join to be kept informed with comments most welcome.

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