18 Apr

worboyGraeme Worboy ex-national park staffer, global tourist, committee junkie, is leading the charge for more megafauna massacres in Australia when the forests are burning down from the lack of big animal activity, biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate from destocked dehabited areas denied essential eco-services by boffins and bureaucrats demanding cheap city water, city carbon off sets, man made exclusive wilderness holiday destinations and commissioned science junkets at the environments and public’s expense monitoring the progress of chaos.

One of the greatest hoaxes Australia has witnessed in modern times.

Worboy witnessed that Snowy Brumbies were part of ecologies which resisted incineration in ‘Soil Cons mountains of mulch’ accumulated from 1944-2003 by policies of tyranny, depriving the region of migratory big animal services and or traditional cool fire to recycle nutrients, reinvigorate the ecology and protect it from inevitable drought summer inferno. Processes otherwise in place for millions of years deemed inconvenient for the ruling class for one reason or another.

He and his cult following have not made the connection between cool fire, no fire and animal grazing. The human intervention to manufacture the ‘Australian wilderness’ by dehabitation no graze, no fire until the big one as if by accident, in decades of accumulated fuel, dead grass, flammable scrub, dysfunctional tree growth from hot man made fire stoked by ignorance, belligerence and indolence. The gardens of wildflowers all but gone dead and buried, insects, birds, lizards, frogs gone hungry, mammals gone hungry or to the dingo pack lovingly accumulated to enforce the no graze policies butchering wallaby, wombat, kangaroo, possum, glider, native rodents……..part time raiding the resort tips and toilets of the affluent ski trade.

Dingo groomed the cheap rabbit controller for the bushwalking boffins and bureaucrats monitoring the progress of chaos. So called scientific data sets collected on ecological artefacts their own making. Rabbit buoyed dingo packs boll over tourist camp bins and toilets distributing international pathogens into water and food supplies no longer. Thredbo Eucumbene, Geehi, Upper Murray Indigoodbee and other rivers rendered full of human pathogens from the commercial tourist trade. Pollution far worse than little mobs of stay at home plant eating Brumbies.

In their spare time the dingo packs are encouraged to obliterate wildlife as never before possible in their 3500 years in Australia. Aboriginal people no longer cool burn the vegetation maintaining supportive habitat for wildlife and diverse plant ecologies, they no longer hunt milk fed pups. Boffins and bureaucrats have bred up the dingo to guard their exclusive man made wilderness city water supply to tinker with, promoting the dingo over the Aboriginal people clearly the pre European key stone megafauna biodiversity regulators.

Naturalisation of the dingo as unsuppressed wilderness weapon, no graze agent, provided with a rabbit bounty is totally an inappropriate manipulation by vested interests within government and public sector.

Having harassed, bullied publically vilified and banished multicultural rural communities from providing eco-services of removing dingoes, foxes, cats, pigs, rabbits, blackberry and other exotic weeds, flotsam of high society. Removed the rural communities from restoring migratory big animal activity to retain reliable hydrology, live forests, reliable rain, snow fall they attract, water run off and seepage to the fire safe bogs, fern lined streams once full of fish, tadpole, aquatic insects, phytoplankton, zooplankton…… Top to toe viable biodiverse ecologies fire safe to regenerate rapidly if need be.

Yes all gone today buried in silt, soot burnt rubble, secrecy of dysfunctional governance. The extraordinary unopposed growth of woody weeds, dysfunctional regrowth of few aggressive fire hardy tree and shrub species choking out the productive clearings which used to proliferate biodiversity. Described as bushmen as dead dirty bush.

While Worboy tinkers with his plane ticket to the next connectivity junket perhaps he can try and reconcile his demand for Brumby extermination off the high country as they maintain biodiversity not starved butchered burnt by so called environmentalist policy dingo packs, industrial fire fighting gadgetry building the bonfire to cease water ever again recycled into the Murray basin off live snow gum and alpine ash forests. This carnage reconciled with the IUCN looking to rebuild valued wild horse herds in Mongolia!

Via international zoos Dubbo zoo received wild Przewalski or Takhi horses native of Mongolia in 1982. They bred 34 foals to help secure the species. In 1995, 7 mares were donated back from the Dubbo and Adelaide zoo collections to re-establish the Takhi herds disappearing from Mongolia by 1960. Extreme weather events killed 4 mares in 1995, 2000. 3 mares had produced foals by 2002. By 2005 Mongolian Takhi population had grown to 87 running in 7 bands with one mare from the 1995 shipment surviving. Worboy is a party to wanting species extinction of our Australian adapted heritage horses when it is clear the global picture does not reflect his fanatical complacency and mania for man made wilderness water catchment no matter what the ecological cost paid for his global junkets on the pretext of connectivity and masquerading protection of mountains ecologies across the world.

Is he suitable for the position or to represent Australia internationally with such double standards to offer?

noeline2-1Australian Brumby runs kept fire safe, biodiversity secure even in man made mountains of mulch accumulated for decades. Globally wild horses are endangered yet fanatics in their ignorance call for Brumby extermination. Another global megafauna extinction.

noeline2-2noeline2-3noeline2-4Boffins have observed, reported on, photographed the fact that Brumby runs during the alpine inferno did not burn or burnt at low intensity for rapid recovery yet still deny grazing reduces blazing, enhances biodiversity and water catchment values and security.  


These people have acquired international status representing Australia. How embarrassing! What cost world heritage listing to enhance their careers at the cost of Australia.


Mountain pygmy possum stressed by inferno and burnt mountain plum pine, snow gum habitats abort their joey to the entertainment of boffins and hard hoof Brumby haters. Brumby the last lifeline for few remaining possum, spotted tree and corroboree frogs, broad tooth rats……..


Biodiversity clings to Brumby runs fed and fire safe. People calling themselves environmentalists want the Brumby butchered and banished. The last lifeline to water security on the high country and last lifeline for what few species of plants and animals face notoriety on the Federal Species Obituary List with 446 fauna and 1310 plants already mentioned. Policy failures persist in confiscated conservation areas as the ignorant fanatics rattle more chants all about little ‘me’ and what the environment owes them. Cats exterminate wildlife dingo, pigs and foxes – Miss Tie-Di Thompson calls for “aerial culls, stating it is safe for the horses!”

ACT national park association from 1960 have been instrumental in locking up the Cotter basin denied grazing Brumby cattle sheep or dingo control to encourage wildlife to persist and managed vegetation and fire risk. They have also interfered with affairs across the NSW border including straying dingo destroying wildlife and domestic animals on private land. Quite unconscionable. Membership has been drawn for NPA from academic circles, CSIRO, national herbarium and various government departments.

The 2003 inferno blowing into Canberra with world record intensity is a direct result of chronic neglect of the region for timely sympathetic fuel management. The intensity of the fire assessed as X5 that of the Victorian Ash Wednesday inferno in 1983. 160000 hectare incinerated in 4 hours to the west of Canberra into the suburbs burning 550 homes 18.1.2003 at an estimated 500000 kilowatt per metre of fire front travelling at 230 kilometres and hour on a 35 kilometre front. The fuel sent into the atmosphere was estimated to equate to at least 24 atomic bombs and the cloud of debris equal to a severe volcanic eruption. Wildlife birds entire hillsides of trees vaporised. The current death warrant put out on NSW heritage horses indicates no memory or remorse for megalomaniacs. No public accountability.


Graeme Worboy is intent on biodiversity connectivity including the remains of biodiversity not incinerated in the alpine holocausts where Brumby runs and the remaining cattle grazing leases in Victoria provided fire safe havens in the vast area of chronically destocked country. Grazing was in most cases the only effective fire fighting tool to protect bogs, ancient alpine snow gum, water supplies, huts, power line, road and water infrastructure.


Worboy stands in piles of flammable woody scrub which has buried the alpine wildflowers, cut off water to alpine bogs and streams as he calls for Brumby extermination to complete the process of destruction. People note the fraudulent theft of a stockman’s hat apparently borrowed for the occasion sitting on his swollen head or what looks like a false hair piece covering the dynasty science of destocking big animal activity.


Environmentalist demigod Scottish born American charismatic ‘wilderness adventurer’ developed an academic cult following across the world including unfortunate Australia. Muir visited Australia in 1903 looking for the worlds biggest tree when Australia was experiencing the Federation drought at the height of the rabbit plague impact blamed by boffins on sheep over grazing where Muir had made claims “sheep threatened wilderness” as did forestry. The itony was Bighorn sheep are endemic to Muir’s Sierra Nevada so called wilderness for millions of years until the Californian gold rush all but obliterated them for rations. Muir’s wilderness weapons of bear packs of wolves, coyote, mountain lion have continued to destroy the recovery of Bighorn populations and restoration of their ecoservices to the thrift and wellbeing of the alpine ecologies and sagebrush. Fire mitigation in the sequoiamoderating dogwood and fir understorey, distribution of grass and wildflower seed, soil biota in a harsh alpine ecology where snow and rainfall wash seed and nutrients down hill. Sheep retrieve nutrients and seed moved back uphill.

Worboy and others in the hard hoof haters club are leading to the destruction of alpine ecologies by their fanaticism. Denuding the high country diminished and depreciated as ecologies and water supplies.


 All pictures care of Google search



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