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ACT National Parks Association Want The Brumbies Killed

act-npa-presidentACT National Parks Association (President Rod Griffiths Pictures) has made attacks on our Australian Brumby demanding they be massacred by aerial shooting and trap for slaughter to make their Canberra water cheaper they think.

Here are the top people to phone or email telling them what you think about killing our Australian heritage horses and their NPA lifes work geared to dispossessing rural families and communities vilified unjustly by those unqualified to judge.

Download/Read [HERE] the Dec 2013 Bulletin of the ACT-NPA to understand the fanatical and radical views of the NPA.


The NPA ACT office is in Unit 15 / 28 Lena Karmel Lodge, Barry Drive, Acton, together with the Conservation Council – “how very cosy”. Postal address, GPO Box 544, Canberra ACT 2601.
Website:  – General
Rod Griffiths 6288 6988 (h) (president) 0410 857 731.(Environment Sub-committee)
Sonja Lenz 6251 1291 (h) (secretary)
Chris Emery 6249 7604 (h) (treasurer) (pictured below)
Committee Members
Steven Forst 6251 6817 (h)
Christine Goonrey (Immediate Past President) 6231 8395 (h)
Esther Gallant 6161 4514 (h)
George Heinsohn 6278 6655 (h)
Judy Kelly 6253 1859 (h)
Max Lawrence 6288 1370 (h)
Bernard Morvell 0401 679 254 (mob)
Graham Scully 6230 3352 (h) (pictured below)
Mike Smith 6286 2984 (h)  (Outings Sub-committee)
Kevin McCue 6251 1291 (h) (Publications Sub-committee)
Max Lawrence 6288 1370 (h) (Bulletin Working Group)


ACT-NPA Members featuring Di Thompson (L), an ill-informed activist hell bent on shooting Australia’s Brumbies constantly spreading this venom condoned by the NPA in the public forum pictured here with fellow members supporting slaughtering our Australian heritage horse to extinction on false science tailored to their agenda.


(L to R) Di Thompson, Sally Stephens, Kathy Saw, Rene Lays, Sue Hunter, Judith Webster, Tim Walsh and David Large
Photo by Committee Member – Esther Gallant



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