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Davies Plain, recently confiscated from local rural communities by yet another deceitful political process in down town Melbourne, is the site of another inexplicable massacre of a mob of about 18 heritage Brumby horses, found within a 200 metre area, estimated to have been shot in terror about October 2013 by one or several hit men just for the blood lust. Free living horses returned to the Australian ecology as essential big animal activity to drive the wheels of biodiversity are also the nations freedom icon and have been for over 200 years and long before many of the hard hoof haters came to this multicultural nation where horses, donkey, camel, bullocks, sheep, goats, cattle built and fought to have free.

Fanatical maniacs or working hit squad for those too gutless to do their own dirty work have mowed down more horse families in cold blood. So what were gunmen doing in our public owned national park anyway?

More examples of double standard?

Davies Plain brumby-5The Victorian, NSW, ACT national parks associations, Retired Aussies, feral so calling themselves friends of Bogong, Cobbera’s mass extinction experts with side kicks Bill Kosky, Andrew Cox invasive animals council lobby group previously NSW NPA, Graeme Worboy, Ian Pulsford ex NSW park staffers Linda Bloom pygmy possum traumatise and patter, broad tooth rat and corroboree frog experimenters are just some who have come out publicly baying for Brumby blood and may be able to further peoples inquiries about sniper fire into our free living heritage horses that were returned to fire risk mitigation, biodiversity enhancement, water catchment security eco-services.

Curiously where the Brumby are the remaining plant and animal biodiversity clings on yet the experts have not made the connection?

Perhaps there is too much public sympathy, money and donation in policy failure among the endangered species business. Water catchment policy failure long term. Value adding water by disappearance with canopy burn bringing about the thing called “climate change” where out alpine species are starved butchered burnt by incompetence of opinionated townies and migrants without the credentials or experience in land and water management. All the vested interst$ $ee are the quick quids in wilderness tourism, ski resorts built on artificial snow making, the water sales and hydro power if it exists.

Davies Plain brumby-3Not one species has been attributed to becoming extinct because of Brumby activity. This cannot be said about gang green inferno in their bonfire or the naturalised killer dingo the gang green hard hoof haters manipulate around their land grab wilderness thing dispossessing rural minorities from their work securing biodiversity fisheries forests, renewable export earning and food security.  

The same can’t be said for suburbia where most of the hard hoof haters reside and generate their propaganda of vial and venom. The land there is turned over and cemented, oil propelled missiles run the dictatorship. Lock up your children and dogs. Most of these hard hoof haters were welcome to come to multicultural Australia now many Australians want aerial cull of these hard hoof haters, get on an aircraft one way ticket to where you came from and never welcomed back.

Davies Plain brumby-2Political correctness, slander laws, government jobs are being put in place to protect the poms, blow ins, dagos and wogs that have not been conscripted in the university institutions of indoctrination to join the ranks of discriminating against rural minorities on the basis of their occupation and where they live. It matches very well with the undeclared guerrilla war seen in many countries around the world. Australia’s pioneers have fought and even died to raise this nation on principles of live and let live, equality egalitarianism and humanity. Bit by piece the vermin are trying to undermine these principles and values. Attacking the Brumby publicly or privately is a character reference for what Australia does not stand for. If you don’t like it here bugger off and leave our horses alone. If plants are all you can relate to go and sit on an atoll in the Pacific and talk to it!

Davies Plain brumby-6Here is a short list of anti Brumby activists publicly beating up on impact distracting the paying public from the fact gang green policy failure incinerated the Upper Murray and the consequences are dire and place Australia on the track to ruin if those policies of Nazi no graze, no cool fire, persist. Internationally the world is watching the boffin and bureaucratic minority destroy the principles of democratic governance and now the environment. More of us are becoming embarrassed to be Australian in what has become the corrupt acceptable norm in public office or public life.

One is recommended to contact these people try the phones and emails to see if they work, see how fast they are changed or go silent when Australians voice their disgust at their freedom icon being abused mercilessly by mongrels drumming up a distraction to the genuine concerns across public lands and that is the chronic denial and insufficient large animal activity and industrial strength fire suppression. The migrant and urban population deceived to think this is natural wilderness when it is a man made concoction for the greedy and self serving, funded for policy failure their own bad advice to government.

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