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Brumby Forum Now Open

Snowy Brumby Public Forum

Click the Brumby to enter the Forum

lady3Please join the forum, express your views, there is no government control, no bias moderating as noted on NSW Environment department run forums about brumby culling.

Personal attacks are not tolerated, lets leave that for the Greens who are in their death throws under a zero credibility.

Access can be gained from “Brumby Cull Forum” page located on the top menu

Pass around this link for people to join the forum –


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Brumby Factual Count Dismisses Greenies Fiction

"The Truth Is Out Fellows"

“The Truth Is Out Fellows”

At last we have the figures of the recent count on Brumbies that the Dr English and ex-National Parks  staffer Graeme Worboy had us believe were in excess of 15,000 wild horses has now been reported at around 4,000 – 5,000 that is a far mark from the fiction engineering from green groups and the compliant doctor & ex-parkie riding high on their taxpayer funded well padded wallets.

Read the official final draft [Brumby Count booksAustralian Alps National Parks Aerial Survey Final Draft Report-Sept 2014] download & pass it around.

This is but the top of “Crap Trap” being delivered for personal financial gain while sustaining tax funded support system remains in place. credible support of the engineered findings to agenda then are peer reviewed by fellow taxpayer funded Phd’s, academics, professors, etc residing within the same  network completing the daisy chain of successful perpetual government funding. This has been going on for decades.

The people have now questioned the research, the flawed original wild horse count, a total disregard of historic irrefutable factual evidence now putting flight to the fiction, starting now maybe a long overdue parliamentary inquiry as we see the dawning demise of taxpayer funded fictional reports, compliant public servants, along with political careers of those NSW rural MP’s continuing to support these gravy trains as they  face the farmers on 2015 polling day.

From the ratbag end of town we read from those engineered fictional figures quoted as FACT:

“The National Parks Association is calling on Parks to hire marksman to cull about 8,000 of the estimated 10,000 wild brumbies in the region’s national parks” just 12 months ago.

The Australian and International public have seen what NSW Government and National Parks did with the Guy Fawkes National Park slaughter of our heritage Brumbies, an international disgrace. The so called hired marksmen have shown what they cannot do humanly from a buffeting helicopter.

Di Thompson - "A picture paints 1000 words"

Di Thompson – “A picture paints 1000 words”

Then we have “the very unqualified Diane Thompson” holding her hand out to both gravy trains in the ACT & NSW gushing to a very receptive controlled media quoting – “people should put aside the romance around the man from Snowy River, who whipped his horse chasing a monetary reward. Times have changed,” she said. “Feral horse numbers are out of control and real damage is being done.” published by the Canberra Times, July 26th 2014.

At last the tide is changing as Australians being subjected to government corruption on both sides of the house and now are asking questions politicians and greens have no answers to.


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Bushmen, Brumbies & Broad Tooth Rats

Rob Gibbs National Parks NSWFrom meetings in Tumut between NSW National Parks, represented by ranger Broad-toothed-RatRob Gibbs confronting a very concerned public over parks culling of our heritage horses on the Snowy, were informed by Gibbs, “if it was up to me I would get rid of ALL the Brumbies” obviously the right person to carry the loaded dice to a public meeting he was conducting as a “Public Servant”. He appears quite capable of clicking his heels together before the goose step walk akin to most enforcers.

Should there be any doubt of this blatant bias reflecting the personal vendetta Gibbs carries to oversee extermination of our Brumbies from his position managing the horse management plan, we have included a taxpayer funded video of Gibbs quoting from what could be described as a “Green’s book of Factual Engineering” (the bureaucrats bible), this time making claims the broad tooth rat or bush rat is being destroyed by the Brumby when in fact the rat clings to the few remaining activities of the Brumby as the last big grazer. When the Brumby go the last of the rats once common, are likely to go as is biodiversity of both plants animals frogs, possum, insects wildflowers…… starved for commercial water sales.

After viewing this video, read Noeline Franklin’s findings reflecting not only a scientific view but undertaking generational and regional research.

Mark Webb

More video link of the same  –


Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc. Farmer/Scientist

After the big migratory animal mobs have all but been removed from our Snowy Mountains with exception for a few little herds of Brumby, biodiversity has all but been lost.

Starved, butchered or burnt is the usual fate in a thing called national park, wilderness, city water catchment in Australia interpreted as being an exclusive bushwalking soot, smoke, pooh free, big animal free venue for the university greenhouse raised elite.

These people are demanding the wilderness experience bashing their way between the vacant bird perches once live and ancient trees. These trees were also once also home to possum, gliders, lizards, insects and native rodents that in the past were in such abundance they were a nuisance for bushmen forced to share their horse riding and pack equipment with the night visits chewing greased and salty leather by what is now called the ‘broad tooth rat’ (once these were called bush rats). The new management has to announce their winning the political war by name changes ‘cultural refit to citify the language’ for simpletons. ‘Pigroots’ to ‘pig ripping’ politically corrected for the children apparently, when pig ripping used to mean pig tusk inflicting injury to people dogs etc. not pigs digging up orchid corms for a meal washed down with Corroboree frog and broad tooth rat pups.

In the old Broad-toothed-Ratdays when not intercepted by squadrons of dingo and pig, fox hunting accomplices abandoned to fight it out to the last rat standing, these rats grew quite large on the bounty of drovers and bushmen’s food, their soap, horse feed, canvas and hemp containers were fair go for night raids by the locals. For light sleepers the rats in the rafters of every hut was a joy of the mountains. A camp fire was a rats delight in the approaching winter when they were fat enough after the summer grazing, to carry away a full cake of soap if not the metal soap saver headed for the hills or banging up the verandah post. The soap disappearances in the night, rats making a nest in the fishing tackle box are not required since the dingo packs have hoovered up the rats, the possum, glider, echidna, platypus, wallaby, roos, wallaroos, wombat, any emu.

The horror bushfires have roared through the mountains of mulch soil con engineered evenly from Canberra to Melbourne connecting up the university greenhouses that brought the spoils of a European and townie education to the high country to incinerate it as never before possible. Any broad tooth rat caught off a Brumby run at the time would have met their maker. Fire fighters tell stories of entire mountainsides engulfed in flames. Birds, lizards, possum, rodents paid dearly for the dingo delivered no graze policies and industrial strength fire suppression that built the bonfire fuel for decades for a spiritual mass cremation in the wilderness. Some salvation a Claytons salvation even. A few wet gullies made safe in 1939 blew into the stratosphere 2003-9 by soil con rocket fuel. Fantastic scientific experiment grand finale similar to the multimillion dollar fire works blowing up the harbour bridge for the Olympics as the end of the Guy Fawkes Brumbies was plotted by the clandestine city based political activists. Miffed at the stockhorse opening scene of the Olympics being so popular. The industrialists wanted it to be the last charge into Beersheba.

horsehutThe Snowy drovers and stockmen sheep and cattle dogs on the chain for the night tied to bushes and tussocks around the hut and camp to sleep off the days events, restore their sore feet and hoarse voices, would be fascinated by the night invasion of bush rats for the first week or fortnight if they were new to the job but after that they and the battalions bush rats got along well. Every hut had wire hanging off the beams and verandahs off which to hang your saddle bridle pack saddle, your pack bags full of tucker the soap was rescued every night by the last one taking a sponge. The possum and the rats used to fight over the gift of universal Sunlight soap. May Gibbs or Memfox could have written a delightful book about the consequences of eating stolen soap for the bushrats and possum field officers.

To go to the high country today the “silence and solitude” desired by the Sydney Bushwalking Club and the national parks, the milo dumplings for their stolen wilderness has been granted pretty much in full. The soap is safe from the bushrats and the possum, there are no skinks by the creeks to enjoy the bread crumbs from your sandwich out of the saddlebag, few minnow in the creeks to give bread crumbs too either, hardly a frog in 100s of kilometres. They have died out waiting in vain for a cow pat to hide under and eat through ‘til the winter hibernation. Snowy Water sludgeThe creeks are turned into drains today running lank oily black water draining between the rank tussock, tree scrub and a bit further down in the wilderness the blackberry bush begins and is a delight for fishermen. Water never sees the sun until it pops out at Yanga station for the 26 x 70 kilometre black water fish kill. The blackbury bush ripping the rear vision mirrors off your vehicle, doing the paintwork more of a mischief than ten years work in the supermarket car park swopping paint with the trolleys.

You can drive for many miles (bush rats work in miles they were gone about the time decimal measurements came in) of a night through the mountains and never see a rodent cross the track. In the old days you needed to make an appointment to travel at night to deal with the competition from the wildlife. Wallaby, roo, owls, frogs, rodents, wombats, ‘scientific transects and infrared spy cameras’ not required or the package deal with the greenhouse boffins on a paid bush adventure to generate propaganda data sets correlating Brumby buns with broad tooth rat business cards. There were plenty to see and quantify close enough as “lots.” ‘Rare’ was how described your not so cooked steak. ‘Threatened’ was how you saw a thunderstorm coming and no raincoat tied on the saddle.

IF- yBrumbies of the High Countryou can find a place to walk through public land bush these days you may need a torch as there are few lights to shine back at you unless it’s the ski resorts or the city using all that hydroelectricity before the ‘use by date expires’ when the water engineers dams finally go dry in the canopy burn. The bush is silent and dead today by comparison to the old days of the grazing era experts never lose an opportunity to sling off about. Biodiversity has different ideas as it clings to the Brumby runs made fire safe and where the old stallions chase the dingo out of the area to protect his foals and mares trying to get a sleep. The bush rats the odd remaining roo or wallaby follow the Brumbies for safety. The unburnt bogs are where the Brumby have been in big enough numbers to make a difference to the vegetation retaining the big animal lawns of the grazing era. Generally the snow plains and flats are closing in with a tangle of scrub. With this closure the last remaining feeding areas for many native animals is gone. Small animals are stuck because they cannot vacate to new open feeding grounds were there are still wildflowers, insects, water and other necessities of life.

The ecology is collapsing or in many cases collapsed. Soil CON has taken a few decades to kill off species that have survived prospered and adapted to change for millions of years. In the last 20 million years of adapting to dry and increased fire proneness there were big animal mobs of marsupial roaming around doing the vegetation management spacing the trees, the shrubs, trampling the bark, twigs, leaves ready for a cool burn to detoxify the litter for the soil, the water take the heat out of the drought summer fire lit by dry storm lightening. Small patches were burnt in any one time avoiding a mass extinction event otherwise delivered by townies and globe trotting experts that chose to ignore local knowledge and repeated warnings the wisdom of experience generated by bushmen for up to 60,000 years, best guess, of how far back bushmen have watched events in Australia. Told their children, told their friends who listened and watched, showed some respect for beautiful Snowy. What Snowy needed not what the blow-ins wanted of Snowy.

Bushmen worked out that bushrats, cool fires, big animals all fitted in doing things for each other. Bushmen knew their obligations how best to fit in with the ebb and flow of life in the mountains the coast, the inland. Bush rats had it worked out as well. Bushmen turned on the TV every day, every night for months years generations and watched the ‘local soapy.’ There wasn’t a silent camp fire for too many antisocial gatherings where nothing was said exchanging observations and thoughts to drown out the sound of the camping stock, the owls, the clink of hobble chains on the weary horses, the rattle of the creek across the rapids. Squeeking gum trees and the rattle of the leaves and candle bark blowing down for kindling to kick the bushrats fire together so they could sleep off the night raids to the fallen grain where the horses were fed. Bushmen’s activities enlivened the alps bringing in grain, salt, big animal activity to tramp and manure, clear spaces for wildflower and annual grass seed to prosper. Feed bounty for the bushrats to supplement their soap diet, the stolen grain, saddle flap leather, the bridle chewed and grazed with broad tooth marks and the business card left as a sign of sense of humour for the new stockmen to the game or the enthusiastic called to share a rum by the fire before the day was done.

Salvation of the Snowy by the city boffins and water salesmen has been bitter sweet for the bush. The thing that has morphed into the broad tooth rat from bush rat is clinging to the few Brumby runs, fire and relatively dingo safe as the old stallions maintain energy to chase the dogs away from their flats, grazed green lawns. The wildflower and viable grass seed also clings to these few remaining “viable habitats” to use the foreign language the school children have been indoctrinated with. In the old days it was good bush, the rubbish cleaned up and tidy and was not a novelty because everyone was obliged to return favours for services rendered.

Australian mateship included the bush on the list and high up in priority. Bush rats voted with their feet. They sort out the huts where people lit campfires to keep them warm. They bought them seed from the low country, bread and flour were laid on, they grazed the area and cool burnt other areas to revitalise the plants to produce seed for rats as the Aboriginal and giant marsupial had done before them dating back the 4+ million years rodents have been in Australia all 69 species of them that have arisen in that time. Experts have with their bad advice to government, all but killed them off within a few years. The Brumby and sheep cattle did not do that. Starvation, dingo, fox, cat, pig, have hunted them down, big uncontrollable large area hot fires have incinerated the rats, mice, possum, the food, their tree hollows, log and tussock nests cooked over vast areas as never before possible. The Brumby runs were the few remaining fire safe havens.

Big animals create habitat. The ignorant and closed minds were too blinded to see this reality and put in their propaganda sheets “the rats are squashed by big introduced animals” (bushwalkers exempt) “out competing native species for food.” Wrong much to the loss of native species denied cool fire and big animal activity in a lethal combination to bring about mass extinction via stagnation and starvation before the inferno or the dingo has the last say or before the ABC journo shoots from the hip primed by the university greenhouse indoctrination process. The objectivity of their $1.3 billion annual grant from the Australian tax payer doled out by a government that wants to hear the good news for cheap water sales at the environments expense and not have criticism of government policies in managing public assets, rorted to produce the water monopoly for the people. Privatised for the executive to leave the public service to free enterprise executive, liberated to commercial in confidence packages bonuses for indecision deep voices in pinstriped suits, tailored in Hong Kong last stop over. The loud tie cuff links and kojack hair job.

It is a serious tragic miscarriage of justice and townie ignorance to send Brumby to slaughter or aerial shoot them because the now “rare and threatened species” cling to their Brumby runs. The bush rat (broad tooth) soap eating rat, is being consigned to oblivion by fanatical zealots driven by visions of ethnic genocide and water profits, career promotions or what ever bribe is being made important to them. The corroboree, alpine, poddlebonk, baw baw……. frogs, the pygmy possum, leadbeater possum, sugar gliders, dunnarts, atechnicus, bandicoot, bettong, quolls are all facing extinction as are the insects, fungi, birds, lizards, alpine native grasses wildflowers, many flowering shrubs, gum trees of various genetic selections and adaptations.

Bushmen are disgusted at the hollow promise of looking after Snowy for future generations.

What could grow here?Already tourists are coming to the region viewing the devastation, mass extinction events and moving to a new venue that does not have vast man made deciduous forests. People calling themselves “naturalists” are getting on aeroplanes with their paying guests and going to other countries to see their ecologies. Once Australia had ever green forests, shelter for big animals, small animals to feed through the snow season in sheltered areas of the timber. Fire affected deciduous forests created by experts and globe trotting boffins are lethal for any remarkable survivors big or small as they try to recolonise. Climate change has been man made. “Potential threats and damage of any grazing era” boffin beat up has been delivered beyond any expectations by experts denying grazing, cool fire, dingo removal or the pigs, foxes, cats that scavenge the rabbits and resort rubbish tips. Drovers black, white and brindle came to the NSW mountains from the 1820s to 1970s. 150 years of restoring big animal activity saw the high country revitalise combined with Aboriginal cool fire designed to mimic and complement big mob activity. The water sweet and clean, wildflowers everywhere every colour, the forests alive and fire safe. Trees many 100s of years old. Stately elders sheltering the rats, possum, wombats the horses, in their experienced arms resisting the winds, the snow, the cold. These have been heat sterilised even handedly by the millions of hectares. Snow gum, mountain plum pine, alpine ash,

Bushmen stand in wonder it could all be destroyed in just a few decades from doing nothing and not letting anyone else do anything to stop it from happening. The experts know best eh! Let the Brumby die, kill the rest no longer welcome to provide ecoservices to the remaining remnant populations of rats, mice, frogs, possum, bird, wildflower. The endangered species industry is too lucrative. Sales of ancient photographs and drawings value added. Chance specimens sent off to zoos and museums stuffed exhibits. Stuffed kids toys for sale. Merchandised memories.

Bushmen and bushrats thank the Brumbies for those extra few years and may they all rest in peace.

This hostile greedy dishonest world is no place to be at present until we fix it.



The Australian Brumby perish in the collapsed high country ecology, there are too few of them to bring back a fire safe forest before it is too late. The mountains are dying as the bushmen despair under gross ignorance that is killing it and our loyal horses, their friends, the bushrats, the mountain possum, made threatened and rare now gain notoriety on the SPECIES OBITUARY LIST.

Noeline Franklin

Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc.
Farmer/Scientist – August 31st 2014 Publication

Read Noeline’s new free E-book at


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