Brumby Factual Count Dismisses Greenies Fiction

09 Sep
"The Truth Is Out Fellows"

“The Truth Is Out Fellows”

At last we have the figures of the recent count on Brumbies that the Dr English and ex-National Parks  staffer Graeme Worboy had us believe were in excess of 15,000 wild horses has now been reported at around 4,000 – 5,000 that is a far mark from the fiction engineering from green groups and the compliant doctor & ex-parkie riding high on their taxpayer funded well padded wallets.

Read the official final draft [Brumby Count booksAustralian Alps National Parks Aerial Survey Final Draft Report-Sept 2014] download & pass it around.

This is but the top of “Crap Trap” being delivered for personal financial gain while sustaining tax funded support system remains in place. credible support of the engineered findings to agenda then are peer reviewed by fellow taxpayer funded Phd’s, academics, professors, etc residing within the same  network completing the daisy chain of successful perpetual government funding. This has been going on for decades.

The people have now questioned the research, the flawed original wild horse count, a total disregard of historic irrefutable factual evidence now putting flight to the fiction, starting now maybe a long overdue parliamentary inquiry as we see the dawning demise of taxpayer funded fictional reports, compliant public servants, along with political careers of those NSW rural MP’s continuing to support these gravy trains as they  face the farmers on 2015 polling day.

From the ratbag end of town we read from those engineered fictional figures quoted as FACT:

“The National Parks Association is calling on Parks to hire marksman to cull about 8,000 of the estimated 10,000 wild brumbies in the region’s national parks” just 12 months ago.

The Australian and International public have seen what NSW Government and National Parks did with the Guy Fawkes National Park slaughter of our heritage Brumbies, an international disgrace. The so called hired marksmen have shown what they cannot do humanly from a buffeting helicopter.

Di Thompson - "A picture paints 1000 words"

Di Thompson – “A picture paints 1000 words”

Then we have “the very unqualified Diane Thompson” holding her hand out to both gravy trains in the ACT & NSW gushing to a very receptive controlled media quoting – “people should put aside the romance around the man from Snowy River, who whipped his horse chasing a monetary reward. Times have changed,” she said. “Feral horse numbers are out of control and real damage is being done.” published by the Canberra Times, July 26th 2014.

At last the tide is changing as Australians being subjected to government corruption on both sides of the house and now are asking questions politicians and greens have no answers to.


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