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By Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc

Noeline Franklin

Recent NSW Government & National Parks engineered consultation with the general public on Brumby management in Kosciuszko is another slick orchestrated sham among the gang green beneficiaries for the ideal life in the resorts, swilling wine, cheese boards, rack of lamb, roast beef, rice and fresh salad, fruit platters. Farmer’s product over which the conversation excludes the rural minority wishes and heritage is betrayed yet again.

The country people are forced to witness their forests avoidably burnt down, irrigation farmers bypassed for water being used to flush Canberra’s toilet out to the Murray River lower lakes with water called “environmental flows” designed for diluting the pollutants and salt. The meagre drippings off expanses of dead and dysfunctional vegetation on the incinerated Snowy Alps chronically neglected by incompetent, inactive, indecisive boffins and bureaucrats paid highly to deceitfully administer policy failure.

With trotters in the trough, water and hydro electricity deals are done in the smoky back rooms among the money men of politics taking off the people the catchment and water. If any water runs off the burnt killed forests, this diminished water supply may be sold back to a select and exclusive few Australians. Perhaps even corporatised up for grabs internationally.

The only inferno respite our rivers and biodiversity had during the last decades man made alpine fires was on the few grazed green Brumby runs defiant of so called climate change. The rest of the alps predictably were cremated by the bonfire built lovingly over decades which incinerated the forest, bogs and alpine plains as nature would never previously allow.

Industrial gadgetry such as aeroplanes helicopters fire trucks in the dehabited man made wilderness suppressed the cool fire smoke from ruining the commercial tourist vista. The legislative stupidity manipulating who can make smoke dreamed up on the seaside taking ownership of smoke production for the cities benefit being paramount over any cost long term to the environment which pays for being locked up to burn by being denied cool fire or grazing animal services for decades. No logs, firewood, no grass mown except around the resorts and tourist props for paying customers. ‘University ski club’ cronies made up of lawyers, journalists, water engineers, bushwalking bureaucrats boffins undertake drunken and wilderness weed assisted orgies designed to entertain the public land management policy makers for clarity of thought and ecological insight.

These same people are frightened by a Brumby stallion snort of disgust at intrusion and campers crappe on his grazing runs. For this defiance of ‘climate changing’ fires by grazing vegetation, Brumby are declared criminals by the ‘shape of their feet,’ production of Brumby buns so are sentenced to death by firing squad for defying ‘climate changing intense fire with their grazed green runs being made fire safe and water remaining surprisingly clean and sweet compared to incinerated destocked grazing runs reduced to eroding expanses of soot and sediment drifts, the vegetation fire deformed.

Pyronoid and poo-ranoid city raised people find Brumby buns confronting. They want them gone not knowing of their essential Eco-services provided or the heritage connections for many people. The “textperts” hunt globally on public funding looking for ‘alternative energies’ as they sit by allowing hard hoof hating fanatics butcher mercilessly the nations working horses, donkey, camel, water buffalo who turn out natural Eco-services. Aggressively these “Pamphlet Professors” lay claim to big animal biodiversity produced lawns for their tourist empire as they sanction to destroy the very mechanism that pumped life into their commercialised “tourist ecology.”

Commissioned science research junket on the public payroll massaged through government vested interests to legitimise their mismanagement as judged by its outcomes of degradation symptomatic of species loss, big fire destruction, culture of exclusion for the financial groupie elite.

More man made fires, mass extinction events, ever growing the ‘species obituary list,’ water shortages, dead forests fire killed as far as the eye can see, Canberra, Melbourne, Upper Murray catchment, rendered dysfunctional with all other native forests being prepared bonfires waiting for the correct circumstance of drought and extreme weather to explode gushing fire ember showers.

Snow gum down to river red gum all set to burn to cinders so high society can live the life of the affluent maintaining transport and energy inefficiencies while the forests are denied essential grazing, logging or cool fire control for fear of competing carbon emissions or smoke to mar the commercial wilderness tourist vista.

Rural and historic knowledge of avoiding catastrophe has been kept out of the Ministers office by ‘controlled minders’ ably assisted by a very greedy and deceitful media misinforming the Australian public. Scientists that see this alternative view, have data sets to support their conclusions and have a conscience vote are sidelined in funding for their research if not personally vilified, bullied, harassed forced away from their work. This is how consensus has been manufactured through the complicit academic dynasty.

With no opposing evidence supporting Brumbies that are in fact more beneficial in their activities than detrimental, this evidence continues to be suppressed and denied collection, denied media attention who have investments in resorts, plantation forests, and the public façade to have equal consultation from independent consultants apart from ex-staff of soil con, national park or tea room wallflower researchers frequenting the canteen for conversations to maintain the empire, then our heritage wild horses will be made extinct without representation. Another kangaroo court arranged by groupies for groupies.

The lack of snow and rainfall directly contributed to incinerated dead forests or dense monoculture regrowth blissfully setting the next inferno in place by doing nothing and obstructing others capable doing anything to prevent another mass extinction process from occurring is a national disgrace.

Without doubt Australian rural minorities are the multicultural families and communities with the most experience capable in dealing with land and water management putting a protective shell over the nation’s environmental assets against the colonial exploited forces extracting city water at the environments cost, cutting down cedar forests for export, taking and eating all beach life, ripping up fire tracks that are no longer accessible, mining all our coal and minerals exported with indecent haste at a pittance return, denied value adding by future generations.

Rural communities historic evidence show they have been into renewable agricultural production among the native wildlife, leaving patches of bush, working their herds and flocks along the stock routes in a manner biodiversity benefits until the experts arrived from universities adopting the American antisocial environmentalist view where humans can do nothing for the environment but visit, pay gate fees, the motel, the eatery, and take photos in this ecological artifact wilderness they have created from myth-information.

Now we see our once pristine heritage locked up and denied Eco-services of cool fire to mar the vista with smoke, manage big animal grazing, selectively thin the forest such it regenerates and stays fire safe.

Universities are paid for research in such a away that what was called ‘science’ is now an orchestrated artifact only designed to support the popular and politically correct profitable view, not much to do with what the environment wants or needs in reality, to be sustainable.

What happens in the thing created by bushwalking clubs from the city is all about “little me.” The cheap water to sell, the city carbon off set, the low cost public land maximal profit no expenditure on doing nothing management sucking off the legacy of past management until it is extinguished, elitism exclusion, behind the locked gates and uniformed enforcer controllers policing your wilderness experience. Observing the progress of chaos and anarchy, vegetation over growth, the fear of another out of control inferno to bring about more wildlife extinction, establish more weed introductions under the noses of the indolent, rabbits feeding, packs of killer dogs, foxes, cats, pigs to help each other destroy more native plant and animal species. Orchid corms, lizards, frogs insects, wildlife butchered, starved and burnt in unsustainable numbers beyond capacity to regenerate and persist through the imposts of adversity.

The camping areas and visitor centres are peppered with wildlife rescues salvaged for tourist props from ‘road kill’ to give false impressions all is well in National Parks but a quick tour beyond this Hollywood production and facade reveals the backdrop of vast canopy burn and desolation of a once thriving attractive public land.


By their own admission the anti-grazing lobby observed but did not acknowledge the only inferno safe areas were the grazed green Brumby runs, the still active cattlemen’s runs.

Alpine bogs chronically denied big animal activity or cool fire, burnt as never before possible in Soil Cons mountains of mulch lovingly accumulated for decades of indolence partying at the ski resorts on the public expense with the long term cost on your environment. Brumby pugs propagate frogs.

When Brumby are exterminated the frogs who enjoy their pugs (foot print holes to live and breed in) will slowly die out from unviable habitat they now install man made plastic pugs to simulate the Brumby pug not to mention the failing controlled breeding workshop program that fly frogs to these plastic pugs which are nothing short of a frog starving death camp.



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Have National Parks Got The Big Guns

On the 10th August 2009, SOS-NEWS received a letter from a person wishing to be known as “Boo Boo” who had read one of our stories on the shooting of Brumbies at Thredbo with high powered rifles.  Deciding to become a whistle blower quoted, “I am in a vulnerable position to retaliatory action from NSW National Parks” and request to be anonymous in any publications”.

Our investigators have confirmed important information contained in “Boo Boo’s” first letter and all subsequent letters along with several other whistle blowers information compiled in our extensive database.

Current Model (BAR's)

From “Boo Boos” letters we followed up one interesting item with a freedom of information disclosure that a  now retired manager of the lower snowy National Parks, held a “Commissioners Permit”(NSW Police Commissioner) for multiple 7.65mm NATO caliber Browning Automatic military assault rifles (BAR), and in the balance of probabilities the licensed transferred to another NP public servant.

The question here;

“why the hell National Parks would need fully automatic military assault rifles when farmers effectively use bolt action .223 rifles for shooting feral wild dogs, goats & pigs plus euthanaising large livestock like horses & cattle”?

Just a few hypothetical’s during  2009 and prior to ponder.

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

Two old brumbies that lived on the lower slopes of Mt Janungal for many years in the 90’s and were accustom to hikers and fishermen seeking out campers who had the pleasure of their company were executed.

Two Kosciusko National Park staffers acting under management instructions to shoot these two tame brumbies near Mt Janungal that also involved an RSPCA person.

That this was not for humane purposes but for NSW National Parks opening of the rebuilt O’Keefe’s Hut to tourist.

That the presence of tame friendly wild horses and no sign of horse damaging the environment did not suit that area National Parks management personal agenda along with the Greenies agenda to have all our wild brumbies shot.

That careful timing of the shooting was just before winter limiting the chance of the shattered bodies being found before wild dogs, snow and time destroyed the evidence……... or did it?

Would you be upset?

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

That just outside the Kosciusko Marangle State Forest (with much having been handed over to National Parks) brumby wild horses were shot down in groups under a hail of heavy caliber automatic rifle fire.

Such weapons requiring police commissioner approval.

Would you be upset?

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

That horse riders appeared on a ridge in Kosciusko National Park while parks were aerial shooting training on goats and were driven off by the helicopter along with ground rangers who just happened to be there.

That reports received suggested loud automatic heavy gunfire was heard before the chase which took 4 hours costing many thousands of dollars, then the subsequent kangaroo court case and more dollars.

That wild horse numbers in that area were quietly reduced from weeks of this “Goat Shooting”.

Would you be upset?

 A once silenced and controlled public now seek clarity outside the media and government box of tricks, there is more to come.

SOS-NEWS Investigation Team


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