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Greenie Exposed presenting as a Farmer

Green Academic Fiction WriterYour never certain how successful a website is going to be, a sure indication is when people contribute with comments.

Snowy Brumby site has been very active here and on facebook to an extent that a ratbag greenie, the kind that are destroying our environment with engineered science, imitating a farmer comes out of the woodwork.

A comment was lodged in the “Contacts Page” reads as follows:


Submitted on 2015/02/01 at 9:10 pm

Email from:

ISP address:

The problem of increasing brumby numbers doesn’t only affect the NP. I’m a private landowner in the snowies and the population on my property alone has increased by 40% in 6 months. At one point I had 42 brumbies on my property. I’m thousands of dollars out of pocket due to damage by brumbies. Broken fences, destroyed crops, increased spread of noxious weeds. I’ve spent years working on my crop to have it demolished in a few days, even with fencing securing it! I’m all up for saving these animals, but please all of you city folk signing up to save these horses, who have no real understanding of the damage they cause to our unique alpine environment, come and get one or two and keep them in your own backyard!!! Why does it have to be mine that they ruin? At the rate they are increasing on my property alone, there is no fear there will ever be none left!!!!!

This was sent from a VODAFONE AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED account on a registered domain that carries no website presence but details of the owner our computer forensic people have established.

Any farmer, especially from the snowy mountains would suspect this fairytale in a second as did Harry Palmer who replied:

Submitted on 2015/02/02



 I have a problem with your credibility – – – – I find your story total fiction well tainted with a green slime I do factually have a very large property in the snowy (not snowies) neighbouring to National Parks the family has owned for 160 years. We suffer noxious weeds from NP as their care is zero with the bird and wind carrying the seed to my property. The brumbies that roam public land (now National Parks) have never in our recorded history broken down a fence, the population over the past 5 years has diminished by 60% and the 12 brumbies we have are an asset to the eco system here we have frogs along the creek and around the dam thriving in their pug holes and no damage to the edges of the creek because there is strong vegetation supporting the earth. Parks next door have no frogs, no wild flowers and a jungle of scrub along their side of the same creek. Go pedal your green poison elsewhere a farmer hahahahaha.

The information has Harry Palmer a client of and the ISP places him in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

Unable to contain the challenge, this send his reply from another ISP we have tracked to the University Of NSW and have established the same person this time with the email address of that is a dormant website .

The reply that shows the real colours of this boofhead and the content you can just imagine a farmer in Australia writing as follows:

get real…

^^ You sound like that total knob-end from Snowy Wilderness…

If not – where is your ‘very large’ property then?

Harry Palmer obviously isn’t you real name.
Although Its obvious you are a very firm acquaintance of “Mrs Palmer”

Many readers experienced the public forum run by the NSW Government and National Parks presented to have discussions about the Brumby management program, it proved to be a loaded dice of radical greens and bias moderators that was a bloody disgrace.

This person tried to infiltrate our blog site with this bogus comment to city people with concern for the preservation of our Brumbies, and there is no doubt the greens, the green public servants and vote chasing politicians want the Brumbies dead and gone.

So our volunteer forensic computer people are working further on this person and others uncovered over the past 12 months with a few surprises I feel sure using government computers to pedal their venom.

 Mark Webb

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