17 Apr

We are told by National Parks Brumby numbers are out of control, Do You Believe?


Kossie Brumbies

This just an lie for Parks to get what they want. Teamed up with the Greens they want all the brumbies gone. Don’t be fouled by reasoning we need to reduce numbers because of the damage they are doing. Rubbish! – the brumbies do more good than harm. Fire damage in 2003 was not as bad where the brumbies run. Why you may ask?

Fuel reduction for one but parks do not wish to see this, they get their so called professionals in

To tell us that is not the case. Just because someone has a PhD in front of their name doesn’t mean they know everything. Ask people that have lived up there they are the ones who know the areas not these so called professionals tutored from books of fiction developed by the agenda driven predecessors.

How can you trust them to do the right thing when once again we find out they cannot even abide by their own code of conduct. In their code it says pregnant mares will not be transported well what a lie that is. A  Brumby rescuer from Victoria had pictures on her facebook page of pregnant mares she was picking up from the Blowering depot and also stated that she had 4 mares from Kossi ready to foal from previous pick ups.These mares were road transported all the way to Victoria in the name of greed.

This is a very sad situation for our brumbies.


Brumbies awaiting execution on the Snowy from the well orchestrated management plan agenda dismissing public concern for our heritage wild horses.

Their ancestors carried our soldiers to war they were loyal to their owner and this is the thanks they get. They were there to work the land long before machines. Australia wouldn’t be what it is today without them. And they get rewarded with National Parks and the Greens agenda to wipe them out in the name of conservation.

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