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Snowy Brumbies now on Death Row

Total lack of constructive research with producing this article reflects again media capitulation to establishments engineered science never peer reviewed outside carefully selected academia engaged in preserving perpetual taxpayer funding from government grants who achieve required results. .

Don Driscoll and Sam Banks

Demonizing our Brumbies is now an obsession with environmentalist content accepting findings from targeted studies that would collapse under any serious research. It is akin to beer hall days of early Nazi Germany where selected agendas were sold to a frenzied nation by fear mongering and lies dismissing reality in support of fanatics.

A fine example are the two PhD’s, Dr Don Driscoll – Research Fellow in Ecology at Australian National University Dr Sam Banks – ARC Future Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society at Australian National University who remain the laughing stock of the world with their report that “Brumbies are Cannibals”

Any challenge to the establishment by non compliant science or irrefutable historic evidence is taken as a threat to their existence, like the $3.3 million taxpayer funding for reviews over the past decade that is now under attack from the awakening public now showing concern to the killing of our heritage wild horses to appease false science and funding.

Before you kill all of our Brumbies, let me put this proposal to the establishment being totally confident to decades of researching the Brumby that a herd of wild horses be allocated to an area [this land belonging to the people] of the Snowy Mountain for a period of 3 years and it subjected to environmental husbandry and scientific research that has been dismissed and/or omitted which held the Snowy in pristine condition prior to this academic agenda driven machine reinvented the environment.

Realising government and self proclaimed environmentalists have terminated all efforts to conduct such research in the past for fear of damning results, you now are telling Australians their heritage horses are to be exterminated without a chance of any defence from challenging science and historic evidence being allowed.

A self proclaimed  National Parks person Robbert Gibbs [ pictured in the article below] conducted meetings in Tumut NSW called by concerned citizens about the Brumby exterminations by National Parks at which he stated, “if it was up to me I would get rid of ALL the Brumbies” .

This is wrong to allow the genocide of our national heritage horse to occur without serious challenge to the authenticity of the research funded by you. Contact your federal and state member now to halt this pending slaughter for funding.

Mark Webb

Time is running out for wild brumbies made famous by The Man From Snowy River movie

November 22, 2015 12:00am –The Sunday Telegraph

TO SHOOT or not to shoot? It’s the question that will determine the fate of the estimated 6000 wild horses that roam Kosciuszko National Park.

But the debate on how to effectively control the rapidly rising numbers of brumbies in the area has become so passionate it has even divided the NSW Government.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) claims the increasing population and competition for grazing areas was pushing the wild horses into sensitive wilderness areas, threatening native broad-toothed rats, alpine water skinks and the endangered sphagnum bog.

Trapping and removal programs have largely failed to curb the rising numbers, with the population estimated to be increasing by 20 per cent a year, and more radical ­approaches are being considered.

Ground shooting, helicopter mustering ­together with sterilisation are among the options on the table, with an independent panel of scientists and vets exploring all measures.

With the five-year horse management plan under review, the Government is also under pressure to adopt a long-term strategy given the $3.3 million cost to taxpayers over the past decade of reviews and temporary removal programs.


Wild brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park are in danger of being culled. Picture: Stephen Cooper


An up close look at the brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park. Picture: Stephen Cooper

Landholders, such as former Nationals MP Peter Cochran, who wants traditional removal methods such as brumby running ­returned, fear more drastic measures will be implemented.

“There has been sufficient pressure put on the Government by the environment movement and others that they are going to do a one-off wholesale shootout,” he said.

“It’s a gut feeling but I don’t think they can see a way around it. If they do, they’ll regret it. We’re ready to fight.”

The final run of our wild brumbies


A sign alerting motorists that wild horses are in the Kosciuszko National Park area. Picture: Stephen Cooper

Horse estimates vary from 4000 to 8000, with numbers rising despite the 2003 fires killing several thousand and an ongoing ­removal program.

When The Sunday Telegraph flew over the park, more than 300 were sighted in separate herds in less than hour.

NPWS project officer and wild horse manager Rob Gibbs said the current trapping program was failing to keep numbers down, while also being expensive at around $1000 per horse.

In the past five years, 2043 have been ­removed with homes found for 567. The rest have been trucked to local slaughter yards.


brumbies-nov-4 Robert Gibbs and Tony Stubbs from the NPWS keep track of the wild brumbies via helicopter. Picture: Stephen Cooper


Several stakeholders The Sunday Telegraph spoke with claim forcing brumbies onto trucks is cruel, with the horses better off ­euthanased on site.

“The issue that we have with passive trapping is that it is not keeping up with population increases,” Mr Gibbs said.

“We also have concerns with the humaneness of passive trapping, particularly when a large percentage of those horses end up being transported to abattoir for slaughter. As for rehoming them, there’s just not the demand.

“That then forces us into having to transport horses large distances to have them ­euthanased, which we have concerns about.”

Some park neighbours have taken matters into their own hands, with several brumbies recently found shot dead near the Victorian border.


Peter Cochran (right) and Bec Atkinson (back) from Cochran Horse Treks. Picture: Stephen Cooper

Mr Cochran, who conducts horse riding treks through the park, said there wouldn’t be a problem had traditional methods such as riders rounding up brumbies not been outlawed.

“They’re talking about doing this with helicopters, but this has limited success in an area like this because they get in among the bushes,” he said.

“I see no reason why brumby runners shouldn’t do the same thing.’’

After initially entertaining a lifting of the ban on aerial culling that was put in place after a botched cull in Guy Fawkes National Park, the Government has declared it will stay in place.

NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman, who is planning a site visit before a draft plan of management is released next year, said there was a need to protect the park.

However, Regional Development Minister John Barilaro, whose Monaro electorate lies in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, wants a “non-lethal” approach.

“Brumbies are so strongly linked to our heritage that the thought of them being slaughtered makes me sick,” he told parliament earlier this year.


What parts of the national park look like after being populated by the brumbies.


A panel of experts is assessing options ahead of the NSW government making a decision on the future of the Snowy Mountains’ brumbies. Among the options include:

1. Passive trapping: The method is already underway, but those involved say it is failing to reduce numbers. Those unable to be re-homed are trucked to the slaughter yard

2. Re-homing: Supported by Monaro MP John Barilaro, but NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service say they struggle to find takers for the brumbies they catch already

3. Aerial culling: Would require an overturn of the ban imposed by the Carr government after public outcry over the massacre of horses in Guy Fawkes River National Park of 2000

4. Brumby-running: Traditional method where horses are chased by local riders, not unlike in the movie The Man from Snowy River

5. Helicopter-mustering: Horses naturally flee the helicopter into a holding yard

6. Ground-shooting: Controversial but deemed by some as more humane than trucking horses to slaughter

7. Sterilisation: Sterilisation gun used to target mares, although only lasts two-three years

8. Do nothing: Park managers claim horses will eventually occupy the entire park if removal efforts are not increased, putting native plants and animals under threat




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Latest Kosciuszko Wild Horse Management Plan Update

Brumbies of the High CountryAn e-mail containing no text was received from Rob Gibbs, Ranger Kosciuszko National Park, Wild Horse Management Plan Review Project, which sums up this persons public relation communication skill.

Attached was the latest info from the loaded dice Green fraternity ruling the so called independent Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan.

It reminds one of a CON-vened “Royal Commission” – only when the right commissioner is selected with terms of reference set to establish the required findings that suit the hidden agenda.

Remember: If you play by their rules – YOU LOSE

KNP Brumbie Plan Sept 2015-1

KNP Brumbie Plan Sept 2015-2


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Ginini peats estimated 3200+ years old cared for by committed Aboriginal cool fire, dingo suppression, multicultural stockmen restoring big animal activity continued cool fire care with their little Brumby mobs, passing sheep and cattle, safe in 1939 heat wave fires, Cotter travelling stock stopped 1969 Snow Leases stopped also at this time to build soil cons mountains of mulch, 100% ground cover of rank tussock 10+ tonnes per hectare flammable toxic dead gum litter to bury wildflowers value adding those placed in the museum. Build the bonfire with scrub, industrial strength gadget fire suppression for the pyronoid ripping off the water bounty, legacy of Brumby and bushmen’s toil. 

Without trial or jury, unarmed Brumby massacred finally 1987 for ‘pig roots,’ RAMSAR declared 45th 1996, burnt, under cut 2003, first time in living memory left vulnerable abandoned by wilderness fanatics. A grand hoax. Canberra plunged into water crisis and restrictions first time ever. ACT foresters, bushmen made redundant 2001 taking with them 500 years of local knowledge on summer storm behaviour. Stoked for decades, watched by the world via satellite, the 2003 inferno incinerated 160000 hectares in 4 hours world record intensity blowing in to suburbs 500+ homes burnt 4 people, caged dogs, cats, wallaby, koala, millions of birds, lizards, insects, frogs, fish, possum. Pooles and Pryors exotic arboretum punished for obstruction. The Ginini Brumby had gone. Ginini flats are haunted by their murder. Dead ghost gums moan and grieve their loss in the wind. 

Next door the Brumby, travelling cattle grazed green the Upper Murrumbidgee was fire safe 200000 hectares. Now Canberra’s new water source to burn one dry summer when the bonfire rebuilds the mountains of mulch. Pay back for defying climate changing fires in 2003, boffins now want to protect their “anti graze anti burn science” in dingo infested forests, demand ‘Bidgee Brumbies exterminated. Value add more endangered species captive breeding programs. Public funded for policy failure. Fly in fly out frogs not yet eaten by their dogs. Canberra water costs more slaughter for their bath water. High society drink bottled water Brumby fire fighters die for naught after they are caught. Deceived by gifts of salt delivered by more betrayal.

Brumbies have been welcome to roam freely across the high country for up to 190 years achieving much appreciated ecoservices while producing work horses as required. In 1987 the horses were shot to rot by sniper fire, their bodies dumped in NSW, it was claimed for ‘pig roots’ or diggings their crime, as the politically corrected term goes tampering with the Australian vernacular goes with theft of land and as cultural heritage seems to go. While Snowy stockmen were away at war for the second time (1914-18) then (1939-45) the people calling themselves environmentalists made their run to confiscate the mountains build their careers at the ski resorts on the basis of “potential threats” and unsubstantiated conjecture they called “science” or precautionary principle.

Canberra like Sydney was sited because of the high quality water available. Clean sweet, running off snowy mountains and summer thunderstorms. Lightly carbon filtered and alpine herb infused. Honed by large herds of visiting big native animals for millions of years, then Aboriginal cool proactive fire mimicked the big animals to retain the ideal fire safe vegetation, the Aboriginal suppression of the introduced dingo aggressively exterminating the mainland tiger, devil and now the quoll among other wildlife species abandoned to massive packs of these dangerous and savage killers chomping through the regions grazing animals to appease the ‘wilderness worshipers’ and water engineers of maximal water sale profits at the cost of the ecology. The stockmen black, white and brindle restored the big animals, cool burnt, removed the dogs restored adequate mixed species grazing to produce the worlds finest water rain, snow, run off and seepage. The cool fires are no longer possible in big animal prepared vegetation ideally spaced to cool the fires any weather.

All that is left at Ginini flats is the ghosts of the Brumby mobs that tended the area. Haunted among the fire killed snow gums or as some say, ghost gums too. Fire killed trees and animals vaporised by the millions. There are no leaves on the trees, birds to sing, the wind howls a mournful farewell to what once was. Bountiful, wildflowers of every colour and shape waving a welcome to all who came, are fond memories of the old folk dismissed as uneducated by blow in boffins that have never witnessed such a scene or are told it ever existed. They have been ‘weaned on wilderness’ lifeless solitude for those fleeing the dysfunctional artificial city they know of nothing truthful.

Once there were insects, frogs, birds, lizards, broad tooth rats by the many, possum, gliders, wallaby, wombat, kangaroo with joey in the pouch, echidna in the knowledge their pups were safe rolled in leaf nests dreaming of mum’s return. There is none in the streets, there is now none in the city water catchment once called ‘the bush’ politically corrected and disinfected, heat sterilised in fact to save a corporate zac or ‘quick quid’ on what boffins pay for bath water, now drinking water comes in plastic bottles and the Brumby die for naught. Senseless slaughter, for cheap city water.

The vista is very changed, rank tussock, dead trees over hanging an angry regrowth of few fire hardy species. The next holocaust manoeuvres into position to appease some science fiction commissioned to be complicit.


They want the mountains dead for their cheap city water, cheap alpine holidays. They want our heritage horses dead for defying the climate change mythology. Grazed green Brumby runs were fire safe under the challenge of industrial strength mountains of mulch set to burn the forests, the rivers, the soil, the possum, the frogs and fish, the birds and insects. Gone for what?  ‘Grazed green’ lawns around the pretty peoples palaces where they produce the propaganda.


The ghost gums are haunted with our Brumbies blood. Mad men want the mountains all dead so they may have water to their multimillion dollar mansions. The Brumby Ghosts of Ginni know the truth. Why the bogs were burnt as never before possible. Who did deliberately build the bonfire empire to save a zac on water from your tap.




They confiscated the high country made promises they would look after it better than the bushmen that took their horses to defend king and country. Those bushwalkers that couldn’t ride or communicate with good horse’s honesty, stayed at home were committed to conserving their careers. Built bonfire empires.


They want the mountains all dead. Send our Brumbies to slaughter for their cheap city water. Breed more killer dogs on Brumby bones. Is this the Australia our Snowy stockmen fought for all those years ago with their tireless Brumbies with them all the way. ‘Bill the Bastard,’ Ned and Nell pounding their way through hell. The sniper fire has not finished or the blood lust of mad men yet diminished.

Ginini, headwaters of Canberra water, is haunted ever after by Brumby ghosts, injustice and needless slaughter. Out of every tap in town now flows ‘Bidgee Brumby blood. Where to next Canberra, when you burn these dead Brumby runs? ‘Climate change’ indeed you deceitful bloody rogues.

“These sites had been taken out of grazing almost as soon as the Kosciuszko legislation was passed, so they were already protected from the main disturbing agent. But I found that in the few years since I first saw them the amount of degradation had increased incredibly!” 

Maybe check on the assumptions eh!

Look elsewhere for the real ‘disturbed agent.’

Noeline Franklin

Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc.



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Greenie Exposed presenting as a Farmer

Green Academic Fiction WriterYour never certain how successful a website is going to be, a sure indication is when people contribute with comments.

Snowy Brumby site has been very active here and on facebook to an extent that a ratbag greenie, the kind that are destroying our environment with engineered science, imitating a farmer comes out of the woodwork.

A comment was lodged in the “Contacts Page” reads as follows:


Submitted on 2015/02/01 at 9:10 pm

Email from:

ISP address:

The problem of increasing brumby numbers doesn’t only affect the NP. I’m a private landowner in the snowies and the population on my property alone has increased by 40% in 6 months. At one point I had 42 brumbies on my property. I’m thousands of dollars out of pocket due to damage by brumbies. Broken fences, destroyed crops, increased spread of noxious weeds. I’ve spent years working on my crop to have it demolished in a few days, even with fencing securing it! I’m all up for saving these animals, but please all of you city folk signing up to save these horses, who have no real understanding of the damage they cause to our unique alpine environment, come and get one or two and keep them in your own backyard!!! Why does it have to be mine that they ruin? At the rate they are increasing on my property alone, there is no fear there will ever be none left!!!!!

This was sent from a VODAFONE AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED account on a registered domain that carries no website presence but details of the owner our computer forensic people have established.

Any farmer, especially from the snowy mountains would suspect this fairytale in a second as did Harry Palmer who replied:

Submitted on 2015/02/02



 I have a problem with your credibility – – – – I find your story total fiction well tainted with a green slime I do factually have a very large property in the snowy (not snowies) neighbouring to National Parks the family has owned for 160 years. We suffer noxious weeds from NP as their care is zero with the bird and wind carrying the seed to my property. The brumbies that roam public land (now National Parks) have never in our recorded history broken down a fence, the population over the past 5 years has diminished by 60% and the 12 brumbies we have are an asset to the eco system here we have frogs along the creek and around the dam thriving in their pug holes and no damage to the edges of the creek because there is strong vegetation supporting the earth. Parks next door have no frogs, no wild flowers and a jungle of scrub along their side of the same creek. Go pedal your green poison elsewhere a farmer hahahahaha.

The information has Harry Palmer a client of and the ISP places him in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

Unable to contain the challenge, this send his reply from another ISP we have tracked to the University Of NSW and have established the same person this time with the email address of that is a dormant website .

The reply that shows the real colours of this boofhead and the content you can just imagine a farmer in Australia writing as follows:

get real…

^^ You sound like that total knob-end from Snowy Wilderness…

If not – where is your ‘very large’ property then?

Harry Palmer obviously isn’t you real name.
Although Its obvious you are a very firm acquaintance of “Mrs Palmer”

Many readers experienced the public forum run by the NSW Government and National Parks presented to have discussions about the Brumby management program, it proved to be a loaded dice of radical greens and bias moderators that was a bloody disgrace.

This person tried to infiltrate our blog site with this bogus comment to city people with concern for the preservation of our Brumbies, and there is no doubt the greens, the green public servants and vote chasing politicians want the Brumbies dead and gone.

So our volunteer forensic computer people are working further on this person and others uncovered over the past 12 months with a few surprises I feel sure using government computers to pedal their venom.

 Mark Webb

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By Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc

Noeline Franklin

Recent NSW Government & National Parks engineered consultation with the general public on Brumby management in Kosciuszko is another slick orchestrated sham among the gang green beneficiaries for the ideal life in the resorts, swilling wine, cheese boards, rack of lamb, roast beef, rice and fresh salad, fruit platters. Farmer’s product over which the conversation excludes the rural minority wishes and heritage is betrayed yet again.

The country people are forced to witness their forests avoidably burnt down, irrigation farmers bypassed for water being used to flush Canberra’s toilet out to the Murray River lower lakes with water called “environmental flows” designed for diluting the pollutants and salt. The meagre drippings off expanses of dead and dysfunctional vegetation on the incinerated Snowy Alps chronically neglected by incompetent, inactive, indecisive boffins and bureaucrats paid highly to deceitfully administer policy failure.

With trotters in the trough, water and hydro electricity deals are done in the smoky back rooms among the money men of politics taking off the people the catchment and water. If any water runs off the burnt killed forests, this diminished water supply may be sold back to a select and exclusive few Australians. Perhaps even corporatised up for grabs internationally.

The only inferno respite our rivers and biodiversity had during the last decades man made alpine fires was on the few grazed green Brumby runs defiant of so called climate change. The rest of the alps predictably were cremated by the bonfire built lovingly over decades which incinerated the forest, bogs and alpine plains as nature would never previously allow.

Industrial gadgetry such as aeroplanes helicopters fire trucks in the dehabited man made wilderness suppressed the cool fire smoke from ruining the commercial tourist vista. The legislative stupidity manipulating who can make smoke dreamed up on the seaside taking ownership of smoke production for the cities benefit being paramount over any cost long term to the environment which pays for being locked up to burn by being denied cool fire or grazing animal services for decades. No logs, firewood, no grass mown except around the resorts and tourist props for paying customers. ‘University ski club’ cronies made up of lawyers, journalists, water engineers, bushwalking bureaucrats boffins undertake drunken and wilderness weed assisted orgies designed to entertain the public land management policy makers for clarity of thought and ecological insight.

These same people are frightened by a Brumby stallion snort of disgust at intrusion and campers crappe on his grazing runs. For this defiance of ‘climate changing’ fires by grazing vegetation, Brumby are declared criminals by the ‘shape of their feet,’ production of Brumby buns so are sentenced to death by firing squad for defying ‘climate changing intense fire with their grazed green runs being made fire safe and water remaining surprisingly clean and sweet compared to incinerated destocked grazing runs reduced to eroding expanses of soot and sediment drifts, the vegetation fire deformed.

Pyronoid and poo-ranoid city raised people find Brumby buns confronting. They want them gone not knowing of their essential Eco-services provided or the heritage connections for many people. The “textperts” hunt globally on public funding looking for ‘alternative energies’ as they sit by allowing hard hoof hating fanatics butcher mercilessly the nations working horses, donkey, camel, water buffalo who turn out natural Eco-services. Aggressively these “Pamphlet Professors” lay claim to big animal biodiversity produced lawns for their tourist empire as they sanction to destroy the very mechanism that pumped life into their commercialised “tourist ecology.”

Commissioned science research junket on the public payroll massaged through government vested interests to legitimise their mismanagement as judged by its outcomes of degradation symptomatic of species loss, big fire destruction, culture of exclusion for the financial groupie elite.

More man made fires, mass extinction events, ever growing the ‘species obituary list,’ water shortages, dead forests fire killed as far as the eye can see, Canberra, Melbourne, Upper Murray catchment, rendered dysfunctional with all other native forests being prepared bonfires waiting for the correct circumstance of drought and extreme weather to explode gushing fire ember showers.

Snow gum down to river red gum all set to burn to cinders so high society can live the life of the affluent maintaining transport and energy inefficiencies while the forests are denied essential grazing, logging or cool fire control for fear of competing carbon emissions or smoke to mar the commercial wilderness tourist vista.

Rural and historic knowledge of avoiding catastrophe has been kept out of the Ministers office by ‘controlled minders’ ably assisted by a very greedy and deceitful media misinforming the Australian public. Scientists that see this alternative view, have data sets to support their conclusions and have a conscience vote are sidelined in funding for their research if not personally vilified, bullied, harassed forced away from their work. This is how consensus has been manufactured through the complicit academic dynasty.

With no opposing evidence supporting Brumbies that are in fact more beneficial in their activities than detrimental, this evidence continues to be suppressed and denied collection, denied media attention who have investments in resorts, plantation forests, and the public façade to have equal consultation from independent consultants apart from ex-staff of soil con, national park or tea room wallflower researchers frequenting the canteen for conversations to maintain the empire, then our heritage wild horses will be made extinct without representation. Another kangaroo court arranged by groupies for groupies.

The lack of snow and rainfall directly contributed to incinerated dead forests or dense monoculture regrowth blissfully setting the next inferno in place by doing nothing and obstructing others capable doing anything to prevent another mass extinction process from occurring is a national disgrace.

Without doubt Australian rural minorities are the multicultural families and communities with the most experience capable in dealing with land and water management putting a protective shell over the nation’s environmental assets against the colonial exploited forces extracting city water at the environments cost, cutting down cedar forests for export, taking and eating all beach life, ripping up fire tracks that are no longer accessible, mining all our coal and minerals exported with indecent haste at a pittance return, denied value adding by future generations.

Rural communities historic evidence show they have been into renewable agricultural production among the native wildlife, leaving patches of bush, working their herds and flocks along the stock routes in a manner biodiversity benefits until the experts arrived from universities adopting the American antisocial environmentalist view where humans can do nothing for the environment but visit, pay gate fees, the motel, the eatery, and take photos in this ecological artifact wilderness they have created from myth-information.

Now we see our once pristine heritage locked up and denied Eco-services of cool fire to mar the vista with smoke, manage big animal grazing, selectively thin the forest such it regenerates and stays fire safe.

Universities are paid for research in such a away that what was called ‘science’ is now an orchestrated artifact only designed to support the popular and politically correct profitable view, not much to do with what the environment wants or needs in reality, to be sustainable.

What happens in the thing created by bushwalking clubs from the city is all about “little me.” The cheap water to sell, the city carbon off set, the low cost public land maximal profit no expenditure on doing nothing management sucking off the legacy of past management until it is extinguished, elitism exclusion, behind the locked gates and uniformed enforcer controllers policing your wilderness experience. Observing the progress of chaos and anarchy, vegetation over growth, the fear of another out of control inferno to bring about more wildlife extinction, establish more weed introductions under the noses of the indolent, rabbits feeding, packs of killer dogs, foxes, cats, pigs to help each other destroy more native plant and animal species. Orchid corms, lizards, frogs insects, wildlife butchered, starved and burnt in unsustainable numbers beyond capacity to regenerate and persist through the imposts of adversity.

The camping areas and visitor centres are peppered with wildlife rescues salvaged for tourist props from ‘road kill’ to give false impressions all is well in National Parks but a quick tour beyond this Hollywood production and facade reveals the backdrop of vast canopy burn and desolation of a once thriving attractive public land.


By their own admission the anti-grazing lobby observed but did not acknowledge the only inferno safe areas were the grazed green Brumby runs, the still active cattlemen’s runs.

Alpine bogs chronically denied big animal activity or cool fire, burnt as never before possible in Soil Cons mountains of mulch lovingly accumulated for decades of indolence partying at the ski resorts on the public expense with the long term cost on your environment. Brumby pugs propagate frogs.

When Brumby are exterminated the frogs who enjoy their pugs (foot print holes to live and breed in) will slowly die out from unviable habitat they now install man made plastic pugs to simulate the Brumby pug not to mention the failing controlled breeding workshop program that fly frogs to these plastic pugs which are nothing short of a frog starving death camp.



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Brumbies – Facts You Should Know


Bio-Diversity – Environment – Ecology – Mega Fauna
Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons) PTC M Med Sc.

Noeline FranklinBeing a scientist and a Snowy Mountain farmer this synopsis of historic and factual findings, together with my personal expertise and experience, I hope will offer you information to comprehend  government are funding junkets engineering false claims.  Brumby damage to our environment being used to genocide this marvelous asset fighting to maintain what’s left of our once pristine heritage Snowy these wild horses nurtured long before National Parks were thought of and their endurance to survive massive destruction of their habitat under blatant myth-management.

The summer in the mountains this year was as dry and windy as it has been for several years raising concerns again of severe bushfire destroying more of the Upper Murray catchments including adjacent farmland. Many of the creeks were dry and isolated pools where underground flows rose over rock shelves. The Brumbies were in good order and had created fire breaks around the bogs keeping them fire safe. Trampled grass tracks in the old days would make excellent fire breaks for back-burns required to stop any bushfire. The active Brumby runs is where the few remaining Corroboree frog colonies have persisted in fire safe lawns. There was 200000 hectares of the Upper Murrumbidgee that was grazed green fire safe in 2003 bushfires that roared to the east through the Cotter basin into Canberra. The other fronts carried on to the main range burning except where the little Brumby mobs had maintained some lawns.

Canberra 2003 FiresOn January 8th 2003 a dry storm came through from Victoria as they often do. 700 lightening strikes lit 85 fires or more in the dry vegetation. Several fires were not put out, burnt much of the alps and burnt into the suburbs of Canberra. Canberra was drawing up to 85% of its water supplies from the Cotter basin when in 4 hours of 18.1.2003 160000 hectares was burnt including the catchment of Bendora dam and the lower Cotter dam severely burnt to mineral earth. Corin the highest of the reservoirs was less affected with night burns after the hot weather had past. A storm the following month washed sediment into the Bendora reservoir which finished that water supply for some time until a treatment plant was constructed to remove silt and soot from the supply.

Canberra is looking to source water from the Upper Murrumbidgee purchased off irrigators. Canberra is looking to increase their population from 320000 people to 420000 people in the near future and thus increasing their water needs to about 100 giga litres annually for Canberra and Queanbeyan residents. Canberra has a policy of removing Brumbies from their water catchment. Traditional horses were implicated in digging up the mountain flats and removed in 1987. In fact the impact was mistaken as feral pig digging. Brumbies make very different impressions to pigs that roll over with their leathery noses, grass sods looking for earthworms, lizards and orchid corms. Brumbies eat only grasses, herbs and nibble at certain shrubs. Horses tend to be reluctant to enter boggy areas if it can be avoided. Pigs again wallow in mud to maintain moist skin. Horses roll in moist grass in preference to mud to maintain skin health.

In 2003 the old but vacated ungrazed Brumby runs around the headwaters of vital streams burnt as never before in living memory. While the mountains were dryer than some seasons the summer of 2003 did offer some green fire safe vegetation where wildlife had grazed. Just in the adjacent valley to the Cotter, the Upper Murrumbidgee was grazed green by Brumby mobs and travelling cattle each November and May along the stock routes. Traditional big animal travel routes for the last 170 years resuming where the giant wombat and kangaroo left off in the last 6000-30000 years. No time at all ago when considering modern vegetation and big animals coevolved for many millions of years with a background of natural fire.

Aboriginal summer migrations seeking Bogong moths, yams, fringe lilies, ceremonies was accompanied by cool burning these thoroughfares to maintain the vitality of their hunting grounds and yam gardens for the last 20000 to 60000 years over lapping with the presence of the big native animals. Cool fires also enhance the quality of the water running between the ferns across large smooth rocks and gravel, herb infused and lightly carbon filtered. Sweet cold tasting so good.

Water seeping through rotting gum leaves is bitter, toxic, black by comparison and upsetting for frogs, tadpole, aquatic insects and fish. Cool little Aboriginal fires used to crackle across the tops of the fallen gum leaves smoking off all the toxins leaving a rich charcoal and potash to return nutrients to the soil, smoke to germinate the grasses, wildflowers and beautiful flowering shrubs. Stockmen adopted these practices where the big animals prepared for cool fires by kicking the bark away from the buttress roots of the ancient forest trees, compressing the twigs and gum leaves mulching the dry unpalatable dry grasses pruning and separating the flammable shrubs ensuring biologically beneficial cool burns.

Mega Fauna

Australian Mega Fauna sized to Cattle

Australia used to have 20 species of big wombats to 3 tonnes each. The biggest draught horses might weigh 1 tonne. Big herds migrating freely across Australia grooming the vegetation spaced well for cool fire. These big animals eating, in the order of 150 kilograms of vegetation a day of bark, branches, digging out shrubs and eating roots and all. Shrub and grass seed, soil fungi and essential bacteria would be brewed in their gut redistributed as pelleted seed set up for success so biodiversity was re-established on their travel routes and feeding areas. Scientists envisage big animal migrations in Australia would have been similar to those in Africa today, such as those involving 250000 zebra and 1.3 million wildebeest in one herd. More species of giraffe, elephants, antelope, birds travelling together according to seasonal rainfall, filling needs for water and feed.

In addition to the species of giant wombat Australia had at least 95 species of kangaroo and wallaby. The bigger species were between 150 and 300 kilogram pony sized. They too browsed shrubs to 3 metres into the canopy keeping the vegetation fire safe, gathered and redistributed seed, nutrients, soil organisms plants need to grow well. Their digestive systems were designed somewhere between that of horses and that of sheep or cattle. Horses and sheep graze grasses and browse shrubs where cattle mostly eat grass.

Stockmen used to say the more we came the prettier the mountains became as the flats and water ways grew sweet green grass and wildflower gardens. In a bushfire these lawns were fire safe havens for plants and animals. The streams and bogs were fire safe. Stream banks were stabilised and filtered the run off of soot or silt. Australian modern vegetation evolved with big animal activity cooling the summer fires.

A recent report indicated the mountains this summer were dry and the winds were exceptionally hot and dry in January. People were very concerned about the amount of dry grass piles of fallen gum leaves the dense flammable understorey. As the Brumbies are being removed said to enhance Canberra’s water supply moving from the Cotter to the Upper Murrumbidgee via the Tantangara dam. Water used to be diverted into the Murray and down to the irrigation areas or environmental flows. This water now goes down to Canberra’s new enlarged Cotter dam or pumped to Googong dam on the Queanbeyan river for Canberra to use as required.

Snowy High Country PackhorseThe horses as stock-horses, pack horses, timber team horses and more recently as free living Brumbies have been effective in maintaining fire safety in the Upper Murrumbidgee for over 150 years and around the biodiverse area of Yarrangabilly where the plant communities enjoy big animal activity. Many say the wildflowers persist better on the Brumby runs. As the horse populations are reduced, the travelling cattle stopped coming through, flammable woody weeds are taking over more of the snow plains. This is raising concerns that the Upper Murrumbidgee in future will not be safe from hot fires. The broad tooth rats, Corroboree frogs and other species retracting their distribution to active big animal grazed green lawns will disappear when the Brumbies are gone. The water supplies put at risk of hot fire are a greater concern than hoof prints in creek crossings.

Reports from the mountains suggest there are in the order of 30 trap yards being set with horses indiscriminately removed called for by environmental activists who seem unaware of the long term sustainability of removing big animals from the Australian ecology.

If we cannot grow up our remaining wombats and kangaroo fast enough to manage the relationships between fire vegetation growth and spacing then perhaps we should be reconsidering as are other countries internationally the ecological necessity of big animals in keeping our water supplies and biodiversity sustainable.

Some farmers are reporting an increase in kangaroo size where they are being left alone to cohabit with their sheep, cattle and horses. Grey kangaroo bucks growing as large as red roo 70-90+ kilograms where farm animals are maintaining fresh nutritious vegetation. Where kangaroo, wallaby, wallaroo, wombats, emu, possum have a choice of vacant timber or livestock lawns they vote with their feet and head for the paddocks. Maybe one day Australia will again have mega marsupial hastened by the return of big animal activity to the ecologies moved along by the return of big herds.

Internationally there is a rethink of the ecological place for big animals. Perhaps Australia should be reconsidering aerial culls and removal of our heritage horses, camel, donkey, water buffalo, and what relationships they have formed with native species biodiversity in the last 200 years. Not so fast as multiculturalism needs to be extended to rural Australia.

We listed to the multicultural indigenous history up to 60,000 years and adopted key components of their management.

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