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Wild horse management plan latest review

For those new to our site and others to review, we suggest you take this link – – to the public discussion “Have your say” conducted by the Office of Environment & Heritage, now closed, to understand how people with agenda driven hysteria expounding wild horses are destroying the Snowy Mountain environment from suspect science that has only been peer reviewed by academics of the same science.

Australian Light Horseman & BrumbyThe once pristine Snowy was serviced by our wild horses roaming free before government introduced unlimited resources which started producing an academic avalanche of engineered science maintaining decades of now unquestionable accepted factual research supported by selective peer review to maintain the continuing cash flow of taxpayer dollars.

There is no equal footing for science outside the chamber of perpetual funding that dare suggest irrefutable evidence against the career pathway of the chosen agenda.

There is a requirement to cull but there is no requirement to slaughter wild horses to extinction.

There are more than enough homes for culled Brumbies off the Snowy by removing National Park staff interference to allow the “Brumby Runners” unrestricted access to do the job their forefathers did before National Parks.

Mark Webb


Wild Horses Management Plan Review-14th Dec 2015




Ginini peats estimated 3200+ years old cared for by committed Aboriginal cool fire, dingo suppression, multicultural stockmen restoring big animal activity continued cool fire care with their little Brumby mobs, passing sheep and cattle, safe in 1939 heat wave fires, Cotter travelling stock stopped 1969 Snow Leases stopped also at this time to build soil cons mountains of mulch, 100% ground cover of rank tussock 10+ tonnes per hectare flammable toxic dead gum litter to bury wildflowers value adding those placed in the museum. Build the bonfire with scrub, industrial strength gadget fire suppression for the pyronoid ripping off the water bounty, legacy of Brumby and bushmen’s toil. 

Without trial or jury, unarmed Brumby massacred finally 1987 for ‘pig roots,’ RAMSAR declared 45th 1996, burnt, under cut 2003, first time in living memory left vulnerable abandoned by wilderness fanatics. A grand hoax. Canberra plunged into water crisis and restrictions first time ever. ACT foresters, bushmen made redundant 2001 taking with them 500 years of local knowledge on summer storm behaviour. Stoked for decades, watched by the world via satellite, the 2003 inferno incinerated 160000 hectares in 4 hours world record intensity blowing in to suburbs 500+ homes burnt 4 people, caged dogs, cats, wallaby, koala, millions of birds, lizards, insects, frogs, fish, possum. Pooles and Pryors exotic arboretum punished for obstruction. The Ginini Brumby had gone. Ginini flats are haunted by their murder. Dead ghost gums moan and grieve their loss in the wind. 

Next door the Brumby, travelling cattle grazed green the Upper Murrumbidgee was fire safe 200000 hectares. Now Canberra’s new water source to burn one dry summer when the bonfire rebuilds the mountains of mulch. Pay back for defying climate changing fires in 2003, boffins now want to protect their “anti graze anti burn science” in dingo infested forests, demand ‘Bidgee Brumbies exterminated. Value add more endangered species captive breeding programs. Public funded for policy failure. Fly in fly out frogs not yet eaten by their dogs. Canberra water costs more slaughter for their bath water. High society drink bottled water Brumby fire fighters die for naught after they are caught. Deceived by gifts of salt delivered by more betrayal.

Brumbies have been welcome to roam freely across the high country for up to 190 years achieving much appreciated ecoservices while producing work horses as required. In 1987 the horses were shot to rot by sniper fire, their bodies dumped in NSW, it was claimed for ‘pig roots’ or diggings their crime, as the politically corrected term goes tampering with the Australian vernacular goes with theft of land and as cultural heritage seems to go. While Snowy stockmen were away at war for the second time (1914-18) then (1939-45) the people calling themselves environmentalists made their run to confiscate the mountains build their careers at the ski resorts on the basis of “potential threats” and unsubstantiated conjecture they called “science” or precautionary principle.

Canberra like Sydney was sited because of the high quality water available. Clean sweet, running off snowy mountains and summer thunderstorms. Lightly carbon filtered and alpine herb infused. Honed by large herds of visiting big native animals for millions of years, then Aboriginal cool proactive fire mimicked the big animals to retain the ideal fire safe vegetation, the Aboriginal suppression of the introduced dingo aggressively exterminating the mainland tiger, devil and now the quoll among other wildlife species abandoned to massive packs of these dangerous and savage killers chomping through the regions grazing animals to appease the ‘wilderness worshipers’ and water engineers of maximal water sale profits at the cost of the ecology. The stockmen black, white and brindle restored the big animals, cool burnt, removed the dogs restored adequate mixed species grazing to produce the worlds finest water rain, snow, run off and seepage. The cool fires are no longer possible in big animal prepared vegetation ideally spaced to cool the fires any weather.

All that is left at Ginini flats is the ghosts of the Brumby mobs that tended the area. Haunted among the fire killed snow gums or as some say, ghost gums too. Fire killed trees and animals vaporised by the millions. There are no leaves on the trees, birds to sing, the wind howls a mournful farewell to what once was. Bountiful, wildflowers of every colour and shape waving a welcome to all who came, are fond memories of the old folk dismissed as uneducated by blow in boffins that have never witnessed such a scene or are told it ever existed. They have been ‘weaned on wilderness’ lifeless solitude for those fleeing the dysfunctional artificial city they know of nothing truthful.

Once there were insects, frogs, birds, lizards, broad tooth rats by the many, possum, gliders, wallaby, wombat, kangaroo with joey in the pouch, echidna in the knowledge their pups were safe rolled in leaf nests dreaming of mum’s return. There is none in the streets, there is now none in the city water catchment once called ‘the bush’ politically corrected and disinfected, heat sterilised in fact to save a corporate zac or ‘quick quid’ on what boffins pay for bath water, now drinking water comes in plastic bottles and the Brumby die for naught. Senseless slaughter, for cheap city water.

The vista is very changed, rank tussock, dead trees over hanging an angry regrowth of few fire hardy species. The next holocaust manoeuvres into position to appease some science fiction commissioned to be complicit.


They want the mountains dead for their cheap city water, cheap alpine holidays. They want our heritage horses dead for defying the climate change mythology. Grazed green Brumby runs were fire safe under the challenge of industrial strength mountains of mulch set to burn the forests, the rivers, the soil, the possum, the frogs and fish, the birds and insects. Gone for what?  ‘Grazed green’ lawns around the pretty peoples palaces where they produce the propaganda.


The ghost gums are haunted with our Brumbies blood. Mad men want the mountains all dead so they may have water to their multimillion dollar mansions. The Brumby Ghosts of Ginni know the truth. Why the bogs were burnt as never before possible. Who did deliberately build the bonfire empire to save a zac on water from your tap.




They confiscated the high country made promises they would look after it better than the bushmen that took their horses to defend king and country. Those bushwalkers that couldn’t ride or communicate with good horse’s honesty, stayed at home were committed to conserving their careers. Built bonfire empires.


They want the mountains all dead. Send our Brumbies to slaughter for their cheap city water. Breed more killer dogs on Brumby bones. Is this the Australia our Snowy stockmen fought for all those years ago with their tireless Brumbies with them all the way. ‘Bill the Bastard,’ Ned and Nell pounding their way through hell. The sniper fire has not finished or the blood lust of mad men yet diminished.

Ginini, headwaters of Canberra water, is haunted ever after by Brumby ghosts, injustice and needless slaughter. Out of every tap in town now flows ‘Bidgee Brumby blood. Where to next Canberra, when you burn these dead Brumby runs? ‘Climate change’ indeed you deceitful bloody rogues.

“These sites had been taken out of grazing almost as soon as the Kosciuszko legislation was passed, so they were already protected from the main disturbing agent. But I found that in the few years since I first saw them the amount of degradation had increased incredibly!” 

Maybe check on the assumptions eh!

Look elsewhere for the real ‘disturbed agent.’

Noeline Franklin

Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc.



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Petitioning NSW Government & National Parks and Wildlife Service

Stop the slaughter and eradication of the Snowy Mountains Brumby and reinstate access for horse riders to all areas of the Kosciuszko National Park

Petition by:  Richard Roberts, Australia

lake gregory 3I’m sure I don’t need to highlight the national symbolism of the Australian Brumby in particular those the roam the high country and have done for over 150 years they were immortalised in The Man From Snowy River, they helped us to build (and defend) the nation we call home, they carried us through wars and are the last symbolism of freedom in Australia.

However, there are a minority in this country with extreme views that they should be eradicated from the Kosciusko National Park (KNP) by all means necessary including helicopter culling these groups are headed mainly by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and are supported by the ALP, the Greens, the Colong Foundation, the ANU, Fenner School and the Wilderness society and various national parks associations (ACT, NSW and VIC).

I don’t need to remind you of the (very justified) public outcry of the events in 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park, when the NPWS under the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at the time butchered 600+ horses (and at the behest of the Colong Foundation in particular whose patrons have been and are Neville Wran and Bob Carr).

Sickening footage of this event can be located easily on the internet, showing horses with their teeth blown out, mares shot dead while foaling and other horses with bullet riddle bodies, it was nothing less than a massacre and an event of international embarrassment and disgrace at the time when Australia had just again immortalised the Man From Snowy River and the Brumbies to an international audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

These wild horses are now an essential part of the ecosystem of the high country, they are not predators and have little to no negative environmental impacts as opposed to the wild dog and pig populations of which seem to get little attention from the NPWS.

They have become a massive tourist attraction for those from the city and internationally that watched movies such as the Man from Snowy River and read books such as the silver brumby series when they were kids.

We hold Banjo Patterson in the highest regard in this country for his literary work and skills in putting into poetry the world he lived in and the places he saw. It’s a shame we don’t hold such places and iconic symbols in the same regard to protect the culture of European Australia, as I fear in years to come all that the great achievements of the settlers of this country and the horses that took them there will be completely forgotten and a way of life reduced to another poem in a library or a video on “youtube” to show the next generation what it was once like.

America has protected its mustangs (wild horses) in all National Parks in America because of their symbolism to the nation and unlike Australia they haven’t been allowed to send them to slaughter when they are no longer required as the NPWS are currently insistent on doing in the KNP.

Please help stop this disastrous program and allow the brumbies to live, it’s now our turn to protect them, as they carried on their backs 3 generations of proud Australians during 3 different wars and built this nation we love, don’t allow them to be sent to slaughter because of some extreme left green views, stand up for what is Australian and the brumby is certainly that, before we lose the little things we have left that tie us to those that were here before.

Petition link click [HERE]

Actual link:

This petition will be delivered to:

  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • NSW State Government
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service Jindabyne
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service Tumut
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service – Protect the Snowies

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Brumby Forum Now Open

Snowy Brumby Public Forum

Click the Brumby to enter the Forum

lady3Please join the forum, express your views, there is no government control, no bias moderating as noted on NSW Environment department run forums about brumby culling.

Personal attacks are not tolerated, lets leave that for the Greens who are in their death throws under a zero credibility.

Access can be gained from “Brumby Cull Forum” page located on the top menu

Pass around this link for people to join the forum –


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Report Leave Tumut Brumby Protection Community Dumbfounded

“The Straight Talk promise is clear and consistent: we ensure community members have their say and are heard. No matter what is said, our clients hear every voice, so they know where they stand”

So why did the community members at the June 25 meeting feel the client (National Parks) presented a listless token presence while two facilitator, obviously without knowledge or research of the brumby, fielded question way above their capabilities ?

Straight Talk is a boutique consultancy specialising in leading practice community engagement, stakeholder management and communication services.

So who are these people, take a look – – far from independent assessors being government contractors which beggars the question, ” what were their taxpayer funded fees”?


The Documentstraight-talk-logo

Wild Horse Management Plan Review Stakeholder
Meeting – 25 June 2014
28 July 2014

1 Introduction

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is currently reviewing its Wild Horse Management
Plan for the Kosciuszko National Park. Straight Talk has been engaged by NPWS to work with it on
this project and undertake a range of stakeholder and community engagement activities to feed into
the review.

To that end, NPWS and Straight Talk invited stakeholders with an interest in the review of the Wild
Horse Management Plan to attend a two hour meeting on Wednesday 25 June 2014 in Tumut.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear and capture initial stakeholder views about the
management of wild horses in the Kosciuszko National Park and understand the best way to engage
with them and their constituents over the coming months.

This record details the key discussion points made at the meeting by stakeholders and the agreed
next steps.


2 Key discussion points

  •   Lots of history around brumbies – believe we were conned with first horse plan to remove
    only 17 horses, then another plan to exclude horses from parts of the park – what does
    exclusion mean – but eradication? No target figures about how many to remove, learn from
    NPWS they are not taking enough out but don’t know what the target number was
  •   Understand pest management plans, isn’t it about eradication? Are you going to establish a
    sustainable number of horses, rabbits etc?
  •   Would be more comfortable if we rid eradication from the discussion – there are 5 plans that
    say NIL horses – this plan didn’t have those words because of us – have a feeling there are
    anti-brumby/horse NPWS who want to get rid of all horses
  •   What is the end objective of the plan?
  • Want the brumby recognised and protected (it’s not a feral animal)
  • Why is there a horse management plan from 2000 when they have been in the park for 160
    years – they weren’t an issues, it’s because of NPWS mismanagement
  •   Previously people used to get brumbies, numbers have increased because of controls
    breeding in exclusion zones
  • Hasn’t the environment changed in that time – bushfires, floods etc – lots of other animals
    having an impact (i.e. pigs’ poo in waterholes is  a big health issue) – aerial culling is a really
    scary thing
  •   Parks have created this problem themselves, stopping people taking horses, controlling
  •   From 2008 management plan – steering committee – doesn’t say anything about sustainable
    numbers, my group thinks this is about exterminating horses – we will consult if there is trust
    with Straight Talk and NPWS, if not it is ‘head butt’ zone – want to sit down to green-fields
  •   Originally removed horses form wilderness, then other areas, it’s all about numbers
  •   KNP – not one thing about horses in the plan, nothing about the value of horses in the plan
  • P28 of management plan is about measuring and how it will be monitored, assessment of its
    effectiveness and how can you develop a new plan without this being assessed. Have the
    assessments been made available? – need to see this before moving forward, need to see
    evidence base
  •   Saying the plan isn’t working but survey results aren’t known, how do you know the plan isn’t
  •   TRG – from bush users group can’t sit behind the microscope – we all love the bush, we want
    to keep it for our kids – there is knowledge in this room and don’t want to pay consultants
    when the knowledge is in this backyard
  •   We are relying on NPWS and their paid scientists to do their  job/right thing
  •   Passionate about bush, history, heritage
  •   Credibility of evidence has to be addressed before we move forward – scientists have pre-
    determined views (spreading seeds etc), media has so much influence
  •   More sphagnum bogs destroyed by the fires than would have been destroyed by horses –
    opponents (ABC, NPWS, NPA) – all funded by government
  •   With TRG have a representative from each interest group?
  •   Is the aerial survey result peer reviewed?
  •   TRG sounds great but it’s one sided – you are determined to do what you want to do – there
    are feral animals on my land, why aren’t NPWS doing something about them, why are they
    picking on horses?
  •   Won’t get the answer from scientists, will get the answer from having all of us involved
  • Want to be part of the TRG – not one wild horse person on the TRG – it’s just people with
    letters after their names, we’ve got 50 years’ experience in the bush
  • Who goes on the aerial survey flight paths – why can’t an independent person be involved so
    they can know the right number? – someone who doesn’t have a conflict of interest
  •   NPWS has been dodging – are they able to give up what a sustainable number is? – it not, is
    won’t be a management plan, it will be an eradication plan – the survey is irrelevant
  •   Why are you continuing to trap and remove, if there are some unanswered questions?
  •   Don’t have a management plan if you don’t know what you are managing (i.e. the numbers),
    aerial survey results are contentious, population growth figures are way out, as are the
    projected numbers – all detail can be proven to be incorrect
  •   Overseas data might be irrelevant here, i.e. survival/foaling rate – decisions based on
    incorrect data
  •   This consultation is a ploy to expand time whilst trapping program continues to be done –
    no-one form NPWS has agreed to consult on sustainable numbers, are you prepared to
    suspend trapping?
  •   No-one knew they were trapping horses in Snowy Plains – this is happening all over the KNP
  •   NPWS, will go hell for leather to remove horses as quickly as possible
  •   There is not the numbers of horses in the park to trash it – will you suspend the trapping
  •   If it is not a management plan, why not start putting $ on the horses and start earning money
    from them?
  •   There is no independent person counting the number of horses being removed – there is a
    reason to take more – as many as possible
  • Can get rid of a number of horses – shouldn’t they go to those people before they go to the
    knackery – they make $50 each – horses that could be place are not being placed
  •   Why can’t individuals come along and take a horse from the trap
  •   We want to be better represented  in the final decision making process
  •   We were the only 2 pro-brumby people on the committee – we signed a letter saying we
    didn’t support it – we were told nothing could happen til review
  •   It’s a P.O.V. not facts – it’s NPWS opinion
  • Fact sheets – need to show the whole story – history, heritage etc, cultural value
  •   Calling it a fact sheet is a problem – there’s no evidence – call it an information sheet not a
    fact sheet
  •   Hundreds of people go horse riding in the KNP
  •   One of the key points is that we are not getting a representative on the TRG
  • Select a time to have a meeting to work out the consultation process
  •   Bush users group has been negotiating for three years with NPWS – we have established a
    relationship (we have been information when we asked for it) – you can catch more bees
    with honey than with vinegar – if you haven’t got trust first – need to make it work with
  •   Can’t you let general public know when you go up in chopper to let people know
  •   Had calls to say things are coming up so we are prepared (have trust with NPWS)
  •   Australia did have kangaroos with hooves, large animals some only extinct last 6,000 years  –
    ground animals secret to our fire tolerance – need to review this – want to have ability to put
    this into the process
  •   It’s a farce – it’s a pre-determined outcome , the information is all negative material, it’s a
  •   Why isn’t roping allowed, what law is stopping it? How much does it cost to remove horses?
    We would do it for free
  •   What happened to other people who hurt themselves in the park?
  •   We want to be allowed to run brumbies
  •   We run tours – many people come to see brumbies – they are an attraction – skiing is
    becoming less sustainable – now working to extend/develop summer time activities – people
    come from around the world to see brumbies, they are an icon
  •   People caught horses for the war, so it is part of our history
  •   If brumby running is so bad, why not stop the places/events that have brumby roping
  •   Horses aren’t in the KNP, the KNP was put around horses
  •   Had loads of plants, small animals – there will be a travesty if we get rid of brumbies – we will
    see outcome in 100 years – similar to issue with removal of bison
  •   NPWS are infinitely better, better trust than Victoria.

3 Next Steps

During the meeting the following next steps were agreed:

  •   Participants would be sent a copy of the notes taken during the meeting (this record)
  •   A second stakeholder meeting  would be held to discuss the engagement process in more
  •   The meeting would be held during the day on a weekend.



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Sorry for delays with postings

Snowy Mountain Brumby Stallion

Snowy Mountain Brumby Stallion copyright SOS-NEWS 2007

This website/blog has been designed to bring information to the people of Australia allowing you to decide if the government eradication plan of our national heritage horse “The Brumby” is what our nation requires.

We have established radical activist from the Green movement are tendering very suspect science, never peer reviewed outside an inner sanctum taxpayer funded circle, that Brumbies are destroying the environment when historic evidence confirms the exact opposite.

This professional blog site was offered and accepted to a new group in June 2013, the Snowy Mountain Brumby Sustainability and Management Group to assist launching their agenda to stop brumby culling. Unfortunately there developed a breakaway faction with the Co-Chairman just weeks after incorporation, a trait he has adopted over many other committees he has spat the dummy when he does not have complete control.

Rather than walk away with years of research data, Brumby experts, academics and scientists that present a formidable attack force to launch support for the salvation of our Brumby in lieu of massaging personal egos and agenda, the original body have decided to proceed as planned under the banner “Snowy Brumby Support Group” (now being incorporated) plus expanding the agenda to all Snowy Mountain Brumbies, NSW,ACT & Victoria who are all under threat.

The interim committee, Beryl Ryan previously elected co-chairperson) remains chairperson, secretary: scientist Noeline Franklin B Sc(Hons),PTC M.Med Sc – Mark Webb, Christine Spicer, Michael Ryan.

Public workshops are underway to enlighten people of the Brumby plight being subjected to fictional science, sustainability of funding, with career moves and well padded wage packages riding on our heritage horse extermination agenda.

Email service is FREE to our “FOLLOW” that updates this blogsite and we encourage you to join to be kept informed with comments most welcome.

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How can you identify ‘hard hoof haters’ touring in the wilderness? These are self reliant occupations for paying guests with hard boots, spikes and nails, wheels to churn soil and run water, bury weed seed dragged all over the country washed off, rattled off, thousands of kilometres from their source. Human pathogens carted from all over the world, dumped anywhere for dingo to feast on and distribute.

Consumerist industrial gadgetry, partial to stream bank erosion, soil erosion, destruction of water quality, spreading weeds, toxins and oils in the water and environment. Our national debt has spiralled out of control since the 1920s when modern Australia was built on the efforts of (wo)men and their animals.  This appears acceptable to have gadgets suppress the fire, carry the visitors, build the resorts, powerlines, dams declared natural or legitimate but if your ride, pack put in a vehicle, a horse, bullock, donkey, goat then the gang green will have a helicopter sent in to arrest you and aerial cull your animal(s) vilified for having hard hooves. Yes the shape of your feet and your mode of travel is now a crime in Australia especially public thoroughfare and public land someone confiscated off local community management and declared it national park, wilderness, city water catchment, tourist destination.

Our public land was taken from families occupied as crown land and water lessees farmers, foresters, fishermen paying cash for the selective harvesting of grass, trees, water, fish in return for ecoservices applied to public lands and water of reducing pest plants, fire risk, road and fire track repair, assisting lost souls, policing and setting some standards of acceptable behaviours and impacts, dealing with pest animals if they were genuine pests not those with hooves because of some foreign fanaticism. A fanaticism based on invalid unsubstantiated claims to remove sections of community giving the ‘elite, exclusive access’ to national facilities on a whim because they have engineered political contacts. Beauty spots to trash move on and get the government to procure another venue for trashing via a thing called tourism. Spiritual renewal gaining access to the Australian wilderness to wreckreate.  Wreck a vehicle and then go and buy a new one to do it all over again.

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