booksListed are our downloads FREE for you to read and pass around so the message is spread far and wide.

If you have any interesting information you feel should be distributed concerning the Brumby on the Snowy Mountains, please email it to us at –


Politician Panic Liberals/Nationals signed agreement they have not honoured to protect the Brumbies in NSW –  [HERE]

Traditional Land Owners letter to the WA ministers to halt the culling of their Brumbies on their LAND that was ignored, 7,000 were shot, many maimed plus the RSPCA condoned the cull. click [HERE]


NSW Government Brumby Heritage Working Party report finding Brumbies heritage status- heritage-report

Hankin Archaeological Report established Brumby heritage – [HERE]


FAAST training Manual for Aerial shooting that leaves everything to be desired-

Consider Your Verdict ... Please

Consider Your Verdict … Please

Tumut Times “No Plans To Eradicate Brumbies from Snowy” – tumut-times-sml


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