Snowy Brumby Support Group

newsWe are presently incorporating the group while the wheels of government spin slowly may we suggest joining our “FOLLOW” service, by clicking the button located bottom right of the main page area, or RH column to be notifying of every new post to this site by email. It’s FREE plus your constant feed of information keeps you in touch with the group.


One response to “Membership

  1. bill skidmore

    July 6, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    There is no reason or justification for the slaughter of magnificent creatures because of so called environmental bullshit. So called experts simply use outdated, untested facts to justify killing innocent creature’s. The brumbies are doing a fantastic job of keeping the undergrowth in check. What will so called experts do when the brumbies are gone and a lightning strike hits overgrown padture and roars unchecked. Who will they blame then?


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