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Tumut save the brumby rally

Saturday’s Tumut rally saw a very positive result gained with a civil meeting of concerned people who do not accept the new draft Brumby management plan. Representatives of NSW National Parks management who fielded the questions and left with what seems a more in-depth appreciation of facts out weighing the science fiction they have been fed about our heritage wild horses.


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Does winter KNP closure opens gate for covert brumby culling

As the engineered agenda driven demise of our heritage wild horses from your Kosciuszko National Park moves into it’s final stage, we have the spin doctors update to where the management plan is at the moment.

The total bias to remove brumbies from the Snowy by both public servants Rob Gibbs and Mick Pettitt have been disclosed


Rob Gibbs & Mike Pettitt

previously, however the mention in this update that threats and intimidation have been lodged on staff and their families is the lowest form of protest and is not condoned by this Snowy Brumby Support Group.

With the gates to KNP being closed to the public over winter opens the covert operations without fear of public interference.

It has been noted that a local trapper is starting to get his equipment ready for brumby capture.

Some 150+ wild horses spotted by our people in December 2015, who have never seen this many at the top end of Tandangara Dam before, being drawn by Nation Parks putting out salt lick block attracting these horses to one spot awaiting the winter closure.

Kimberley Culling Victims are a National Disgrace

A bloody disgrace

Denial by Gibbs and Pettitt that aerial shooting of wild horses has not been undertaken, mention of shooting on the ground or from vehicles was not covered.

Mystery of the National Parks armoury of BAR automatic high caliber military assault riles are used for WHAT?

Information to hand is a small efficient team of American Mustang Watchers will be on hand over the winter with their $1.5m high tech very long range surveillance equipment will be of interest.





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