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Save Our Australian Heritage Wild Horses



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Latest Kosciuszko Wild Horse Management Plan Update

Brumbies of the High CountryAn e-mail containing no text was received from Rob Gibbs, Ranger Kosciuszko National Park, Wild Horse Management Plan Review Project, which sums up this persons public relation communication skill.

Attached was the latest info from the loaded dice Green fraternity ruling the so called independent Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan.

It reminds one of a CON-vened “Royal Commission” – only when the right commissioner is selected with terms of reference set to establish the required findings that suit the hidden agenda.

Remember: If you play by their rules – YOU LOSE

KNP Brumbie Plan Sept 2015-1

KNP Brumbie Plan Sept 2015-2


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It has been reported bushwalkers appear to have frightened a Brumby to run through a rabbit warren. Several witness statements allege the bushwalkers were acting hostilely towards the heritage horses in the Tantangara Blue Water Hole area about the time the horse appeared with a broken leg.

Park staff involved with Brumby trapping, were approached about the horse’s plight quoting;

“they were off duty and on holiday and nothing would be done”.

CaRob Gibbs National Parks NSWn this be confirmed or denied convincingly by Parks Management ?

To assist with further inquiries contact Rob Gibbs, Senior Project Officer Wild Horse Management Plan;  (02) 64505507 – 0427-703-494 –



NSW Government Remove Aerial Culling Brumbies From New Horse Management Plan

Keith Muir

Keith Muir Colong Foundation CEO –

Contact him for further information: 0412-791-404 – (02) 92612400

Brumby supporters across the world again condemn the Colong Foundation for Wilderness CEO Keith Muir for his latest incitement of violence towards our heritage horses in response to the recent undertakings of the NSW Environment Minister, Rob Stokes “there will be no aerial culling.” .

Prior Muir condoned and was a major player engineering the 2000 disgusting inhumane slaughter of our Brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Park quoted, “Shooting the horses is the only way”. ( see the video HERE )

NEVER… NEVER… accept a politician making promises leading into an election (March 2015) will be set in concrete, you will find those promises to be set in bullshit.


Rob Stokes MP

The NSW Government and Minister Stokes will have the support of the Brumby preservation groups when the undertaking is in legislation for should they cross the line on polling day then another line may appear through the deal proposed and the execution of our brumbies will continue. Contact the Minister – (02) 9999 3599 –

Member for Monaro, John Barilaro, denied the move was an attempt to shore up votes for next year’s state election.

He said the community was against aerial culling and it should be ruled out.

John Barilaro

John Barilaro

“I believe it’s skewing the conversation in relation to what we need to do when looking at horse management and techniques and maybe new techniques in how we can manage these numbers,” Mr Barilaro said.

“So no, it’s not an election issue.”

Contact John regarding your brumbies – (02) 6299 4899,

Email your local member requesting positive action with no aerial culling to receive positive action in the polling booth. Find a member here,

Brumby supporters for the fire mitigation and biodiversity enhancement contributed by Brumbies in the public land called national park, Canberra’s new water supply since the Cotter basin was incinerated 2003 by too much fuel including the areas Ginini bogs once fire safe Brumby strong holds until the 1987 massacre of the Brumbies in the ACT.

What was Colong’s involvement in the Guy Fawkes brutality after the 2000 Olympics went International celebrating our stockmen and their loyal horses at the opening ceremony?

It is very sad when media in Australia resort to interviewing Muir who is clearly out of his depth when his fiction is challenged.

Muir persists,

Davies Plain brumby-5

“KNP is not some rustic 19th century horse ranch in the dreamtime.”

“Iconic bush heritage of the alps will in fact be ruined if feral horses numbers continue to grow.”based on what expertise Mr Muir certainly not yours?

“Aerial culling is essential to contain the numbers…”

“These damned nags are not in anyway rare or unique…”

“The NSW government appears on a course to wreck biodiversity in this state with plans to repeal the Native Vegetation Act allowing logging and grazing” (in land taken) in parks and reserves.”

Quotes of Muir Tumut and Adelong Times 23.12.14 –

Read Muir,s story at the Colong site –

 Mr Muir seems unable to handle factual findings that dismiss his public funded fiction engineered drivel he has been peddling for decades as a certified cretin.

  • Since when has Australia had ranches!
  • How out of touch and irrelevant is Muir?
  • How confronting and disrespectful to our Aboriginal and multicultural communities with the “dreamtime” reference.
  • How disrespectful of our diggers and light horsemen 100 years on when those calling themselves environmentalists seem to have ignored the nations call busying themselves instead confiscating well managed forest and grazing leases for their junket allegiances to foreign dogma abusing soft title and public office.

Most Australian’s would like an aerial cull of Muir and his cronies with a one way air ticket back to the British Raj in India from whence he came. We do not need him nor want him in Australia and if he was kicked by a horse as a child then there is more evidence horses are a good judge of character.

Muir with his mentor soaking up the knowledge

Muir with his mentor soaking up the knowledge – Contact Keith for further information: 0412-791-404 – (02) 92612400

If Muir is so concerned about NSW’s biodiversity can he rationalise Colong’s stance on harbouring packs of mongrel dingo and hybrids to exterminate wildlife back up for no graze policies in public land. These killers are all through Asia and India where they have all but killed off local wildlife there.

Can Muir also comment on Colong’s stance obstructing known means of beneficial fuel hazard reduction, tried and proven effective for generations of land managers using big animal mixed species grazing and selective forest thinning where saw logs and livestock drought relief grazing are cost recovery conservation.

While Muir has concerns about saving public money how can he rationalise the subsidised tourism industry dealing in imported plastic tents, maps, etc. Camping among the incinerated sticks Canberra suburbs to Melbourne suburbs (Alpine fire 2002 – 09) where about 200 people died during the events and trauma following. 400-500 were injured smoke inhalation and burns, vehicle accidents, 2450+ homes burnt down, farms domestic animals and the horrors of millions of wildlife gone with many remaining homeless years later.

Birds, insects, lizards, wildflowers, frogs, fish, mammals vaporised over an area excessive of the size of Scotland and Wales or many European nations.

Livelihoods gone for some political deal done with swinging governments buying votes with national and public assets greenmailed by persons not declaring the details of what was engineered. Have the press been frank open and unbiased. A number of ex journalists have entered politics, created national parks exclusive bushwalking destinations, built the bonfire for 50-90 years waiting for a dry summer. The nations forests water biodiversity gone in record climate changing mass extinction events.

In the meantime what can be said of the Brumby with the broken leg in Tantangara Blue waterhole? Next time a bushwalker gets lost, breaks a leg or neck, close the emergency services and hospitals down for holidays and weekends! Back off on the harassment of dogmen and leg hold traps anytime will do. Ignore the brutalisation of wildlife by dog packs dismissed as “natural” balance. Bushwalkers maiming themselves natural selection. Live by wilderness rules as they come to mind.

Colong has a long track record of publically vilifying horses, cattle, sheep, farm, fishing and forestry communities, inciting hatred among city people, political representatives and students. Manipulating the law of the land, gaining public finance to buy more bushwalking venues as the old ones become over grow then burnt.

Some naturalists are forced to run tours to other countries if they want to observe biodiversity now that Australia’s choice areas have been ruined by chronic neglect and negligence. Policy failure from Kakadu, Kimberley to Kosciuszko, once vibrant Brumby runs and biodiversity gone to the dogs since “salvation”.


Keith Muir receives his order of Australia for “services to nature conservation” in 2004 from the NSW Governor after unprecedented infernos swept through the alps 2003-9 after being chronically denied any form of natural fire, proactive fire, dingo control or grazing animals for many decades. Poo free smoke free vista.


Keith Muir and his following have their eyes shut on the loss of biodiversity from policy failure and abuse of national assets, forests, water supplies, fauna and flora, soil gurgled into water reservoirs costing billions of dollars in lost food production and opportunity. All for subsidised bushwalking venue. No smoke, no poo, no rates, no audits or accountability.


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Davies Plain, recently confiscated from local rural communities by yet another deceitful political process in down town Melbourne, is the site of another inexplicable massacre of a mob of about 18 heritage Brumby horses, found within a 200 metre area, estimated to have been shot in terror about October 2013 by one or several hit men just for the blood lust. Free living horses returned to the Australian ecology as essential big animal activity to drive the wheels of biodiversity are also the nations freedom icon and have been for over 200 years and long before many of the hard hoof haters came to this multicultural nation where horses, donkey, camel, bullocks, sheep, goats, cattle built and fought to have free.

Fanatical maniacs or working hit squad for those too gutless to do their own dirty work have mowed down more horse families in cold blood. So what were gunmen doing in our public owned national park anyway?

More examples of double standard?

Davies Plain brumby-5The Victorian, NSW, ACT national parks associations, Retired Aussies, feral so calling themselves friends of Bogong, Cobbera’s mass extinction experts with side kicks Bill Kosky, Andrew Cox invasive animals council lobby group previously NSW NPA, Graeme Worboy, Ian Pulsford ex NSW park staffers Linda Bloom pygmy possum traumatise and patter, broad tooth rat and corroboree frog experimenters are just some who have come out publicly baying for Brumby blood and may be able to further peoples inquiries about sniper fire into our free living heritage horses that were returned to fire risk mitigation, biodiversity enhancement, water catchment security eco-services.

Curiously where the Brumby are the remaining plant and animal biodiversity clings on yet the experts have not made the connection?

Perhaps there is too much public sympathy, money and donation in policy failure among the endangered species business. Water catchment policy failure long term. Value adding water by disappearance with canopy burn bringing about the thing called “climate change” where out alpine species are starved butchered burnt by incompetence of opinionated townies and migrants without the credentials or experience in land and water management. All the vested interst$ $ee are the quick quids in wilderness tourism, ski resorts built on artificial snow making, the water sales and hydro power if it exists.

Davies Plain brumby-3Not one species has been attributed to becoming extinct because of Brumby activity. This cannot be said about gang green inferno in their bonfire or the naturalised killer dingo the gang green hard hoof haters manipulate around their land grab wilderness thing dispossessing rural minorities from their work securing biodiversity fisheries forests, renewable export earning and food security.  

The same can’t be said for suburbia where most of the hard hoof haters reside and generate their propaganda of vial and venom. The land there is turned over and cemented, oil propelled missiles run the dictatorship. Lock up your children and dogs. Most of these hard hoof haters were welcome to come to multicultural Australia now many Australians want aerial cull of these hard hoof haters, get on an aircraft one way ticket to where you came from and never welcomed back.

Davies Plain brumby-2Political correctness, slander laws, government jobs are being put in place to protect the poms, blow ins, dagos and wogs that have not been conscripted in the university institutions of indoctrination to join the ranks of discriminating against rural minorities on the basis of their occupation and where they live. It matches very well with the undeclared guerrilla war seen in many countries around the world. Australia’s pioneers have fought and even died to raise this nation on principles of live and let live, equality egalitarianism and humanity. Bit by piece the vermin are trying to undermine these principles and values. Attacking the Brumby publicly or privately is a character reference for what Australia does not stand for. If you don’t like it here bugger off and leave our horses alone. If plants are all you can relate to go and sit on an atoll in the Pacific and talk to it!

Davies Plain brumby-6Here is a short list of anti Brumby activists publicly beating up on impact distracting the paying public from the fact gang green policy failure incinerated the Upper Murray and the consequences are dire and place Australia on the track to ruin if those policies of Nazi no graze, no cool fire, persist. Internationally the world is watching the boffin and bureaucratic minority destroy the principles of democratic governance and now the environment. More of us are becoming embarrassed to be Australian in what has become the corrupt acceptable norm in public office or public life.

One is recommended to contact these people try the phones and emails to see if they work, see how fast they are changed or go silent when Australians voice their disgust at their freedom icon being abused mercilessly by mongrels drumming up a distraction to the genuine concerns across public lands and that is the chronic denial and insufficient large animal activity and industrial strength fire suppression. The migrant and urban population deceived to think this is natural wilderness when it is a man made concoction for the greedy and self serving, funded for policy failure their own bad advice to government.

Read the rest of this entry »


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Horse Facts expose Australian Science Fiction

Facts from British science and historians back to the earliest of time, report that horses are a necessity for biodiversity, environment and well being of forest.

Australian scientist working on taxpayer funded grants to supply government with findings for agenda reasons have established from just decades of suspect research that the wild horses are destroying Australian biodiversity and environment to keep the funding flowing.

You can see on any true visit to the Snowy Mountains (without being on a greenie guided tour that takes in the few remaining spots of true wilderness), what has been done to your heritage land now covered in blackberries, scrub, rubbish growths and bushfire damage from mismanagement of hazard reduction, all being accoladed by the environmentalist fraternity as saving the environment.

This quote is from the last paragraph of the detailed history of British forests you must read. Note the forest condition in the pictures to the Australian forest condition.

 New Forest Rangers

Finally no account of the Forest’s history would be complete without mention of the New Forest Pony which has been ever present since the earliest of times. It is the grazing of these animals plus other Commoners’ stock and the wild herds of deer that maintain the special character of the area. Without them the open heathland and lawns would soon revert to scrub. Pine and Silver Birch would rapidly invade the heathlands, whilst the Ancient & Ornamental woods would become overgrown with dense, under-storey vegetation. These animals are quite rightly known as the “Architects of the Forest”..

Please visit this link to read the full amazing report-


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NSW National Parks Horrific Brumby Slaughter 2000

Under pressure from Radical green groups such as the Colong Foundation and National Parks Association the NSW Labor Government sanctioned the slaughter of Brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Park they discribed as a humane using helicopters and so called sharp shooters. It was disgusting – the wounds and pain those horses were subjected to brought a massive world wide public damation of NSW National Parks, the Government, and the exposed colluding RSPCA  management dancing to the government piper.

View this video, undertsand the white wash that used in this disgusting cover-up that today many of these same people wish to carry out the same inhumane culling NOW on the Snowy proven to be INHUMANE and INACURATE shooting from a bobbing chopper. “IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED – TODAY” 


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