The Kimberley Killings

The Kimberley Killings

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Read more on this disgraceful slaughter published by Pindanpost on the next page … [HERE}


gunshipOn the 20th October 2013 at the Western Australian East Kimberley’s around Lake Gregory became a killing field for over 7,000 brumbies, executed from mustering helicopters conducting an aerial cull with shooters using military SLR rifles, leaving mortally and seriously wounded horses across the landscape, all sanctioned by the RSPCA saying “they demanded the brumbies be killed instantly through an accurately-fired shot, through the head or thorax”.

No question a culling was required, with many options available, proven humane which aerial shooting is not one of them. So we ask this question, why the traditional owners of the land and all the brumbies, were not consulted by the lessees, the WA Minister and the RSPCA over this disgraceful execution of their heritage horses.

bookshelfRead [HERE] the letter to the WA Ministers Peter Collier and Brendan Grylls signed by all the Traditional Owners offering alternative and positive controls quoting; “We most certainly do not want an aerial cull to be carried out on our land. Our horses are a valuable asset to our land and to our community.” 

Interesting the WA parliament is currently calling for an investigation into the RSPCA with major concern they need returning to animal cruelty issues not animal activist support attacking this government while recently receiving a healthy $500.000 donation. Read the full story:

This whole Brumby massacre was being overseen by veterinarian Jordan Hampton who is quoted:

“It’s known as mandatory overkill; each animal is shot more than once to ensure that it is indeed dead.”  

Dr Hampton then stated, “He examined 452 of the 7,000 dead horses, admitted some were still alive after being shot.” 

Then we have this, “We found animals alive associated with approximately one per cent of all the animals that were targeted.”


brumby 2 shot WA Oct 2013How would the good doctor know that one percent 70 of animals targeted (7,000) were found alive, but if he only inspected 452 horses that would be 4.2 horses at 1% and a total of 486 horses found alive with gunshot wounds.

We have noted the missing RSPCA and government catch phrase of “Expert Shooters” used to mask the public from incompetent marksmen.

brumby 1 shot WA Oct 2013Nothing heard from, nor do we expect to hear from the RSPCA spin doctors concerning any animal cruelty charges against the Aboriginal Lands Trust who undertook the cull on two leaseholds and slaughtered 7,000 of the traditional owners Brumbies place without the owners permission.

We also do not expect the RSPCA to prosecute the shooters after “demanding the brumbies be killed instantly through an accurately-fired shot, through the head or thorax” that pictures and evidence plus Dr Jordan Hampton statements confirm. Be assured the RSPCA inspectorate and management will continue prosecuting with their $6,000 per day barrister, a Blue Mountains father for protecting his children from aerial attacks by a pair of spur winged plovers on his front lawn where he hit one of the birds with a cobweb mop and it died instantly.

Then there is the biodiversity and environmental impact plus ground water contamination on this leased land now covered with 7,000 rotting corpses that authorities and Greenie’s do not seemed concerned about. Be assured the Traditional Owners will express concern.

  • Nothing will change as long as we do nothing.
  • How much longer will you be doing nothing?
  • Stop this inhumane culling of our heritage Brumby. 
This Brumby was shot in the shoulder and left for dead

This victim of the Kimberley Brumby cull was shot in the shoulder and left for dead

This is far from the Australia our forefathers left in good hands because they stood up to be counted.

The the RSPCA in 2000 took the NSW National Parks to court over their covert aerial culling from helicopters in Guy Fawkes National Park with some 250 charges of animal cruelty. The witnesses, the video, and the pictures to be tendered in evidence was overwhelming. It shock all Australians when this evidence would never be produced in court. WHY ?

The RSPCA did a deal with government dropping all but one charge they pleaded guilty to thus stemming the flow of witnesses and that damning evidence being shown to the public in court. The NSW Government back-flip was to banned all aerial shooting as an inhumane method of culling, National Parks Service hoped it all would go away, and the RSPCA said they did all they could.

Watch this, see the cover-up, government and RSPCA holding hands.

Kimberley Culling Victims are a National Disgrace

Kimberley Culling Victims are a National Disgrace

We thank Wild Horses Kimberley – – for the pictures of the executed Brumbies.

We thought the 2000 Guy Fawkes inhumane culling public outcry would have halted this inhumane practice by governments and greens but we have just seen the same slaughter in WA on a much larger scale we hope will move you to act and remind politicians they are public servants.

Email the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott – There is no guarantee that his email minder is not a radical green public servant who condones aerial culling and deletes your email.

Read more on this disgraceful slaughter published by Pindanpost on the next page … [HERE}


6 responses to “The Kimberley Killings

  1. morgansinkc

    February 15, 2015 at 4:00 am

    This is why we do not need gun control in the U.S. Australian citizens were stripped of their gun rights, and look what their government does.

  2. Greer Haseman

    February 16, 2015 at 1:45 am

    Stop this barbaric and inhumane act immediately! You are not using best science in this approach!

  3. Christine Goudreault

    February 17, 2015 at 9:04 am

    Extremely lazy and evil “solution”.

    Are men so ignorant they cannot come up with any ideas other than murder ?

  4. Yvonne v.d. Bogert

    February 17, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Shameful for the world to see!

  5. carol

    June 27, 2015 at 2:37 am

    Australia is a sick heartless bunch of animal abusers! I will never support this animal abusing country! sick bastards!


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