Pindanpost Story Covering The Kimberley Brumby Killing


A disgusting turn of events occurred just 10 days ago in the South East Kimberley, where thousands of horses were shot from helicopters at Lake Gregory, against the wishes of the local indigenous communities. This Government sponsored cull was carried out to appease the new leaseholder (after the station was excised from the indigenous owners), who wants to run cattle in their place, despite Environmental reports that condemn the use of this proposed Ramsar wetland for this purpose.

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Local Agriculture Department officials even compared the description of feral horses to feral cats. There are abandoned horses all over the Kimberley and Northern Territory, but these particular Arab background wild horses are related back to Melbourne Cup winners. A few years ago, the Sheik of Dubai, at great expense captured a few and sent them to the Arabian Peninsular as new blood for his Arab distance racing horses.

After about 7 years of trying to protect these horses and the Lake environment, even having two featured on my vehicle, this was a tragedy for the locals and the environment.

pindan post transport

pindan post transport

These photos taken on 30th of October at the cull at Lake Gregory show horses left injured and horses badly shot in wrong places and left to die.

This cull, ordered by the Pastoral Lands Board on Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs/Aboriginal Lands Trust and carried out against the wishes of the  Walmajarri people was a completely unwarranted and expensive exercise by an ignorant and cruel government. Share on Facebook

graphic image warning: and the full storyHorses shot and left injured at Lake GregoryHorses shot and left injured at Lake Gregory

Horses shot and left injured at Lake Gregory


Horses shot and left injured at Lake Gregory

Horses shot and left injured at Lake Gregory


Horses shot and left injured at Lake Gregory

A few years ago, a similar cull was taken close to Broome, with similar disastrous results. Warning, link contains graphic images.

My letter to the local paper is featured here following their report:

“The story on the Lake Gregory helicopter horse cull omits some important background. The ALT under Clinton Wolf promised the Mulan Community up to $4 million dollars just 2 or 3 years ago to fence the lake from stock, renovate bores and yards to facilitate station activities to control the cattle and horses, build a Station Managers residence as an aid to the local community in achieving their aims to own a working cattle station. This was following at least 20 years of neglect by the ALT and Government and Pastoral organizations. In fact, Mr Wolf admitted they only just realized that they had owned the Pastoral lease for 20 years.

Following the meeting with Wolf and various other stakeholders, not a thing happened. Wild Horses Kimberley raised funds for fencing a paddock for the welfare of horses as part of the deal and offered a plant regeneration program once stock was removed from the lake itself.

Instead, the Government, along with the complicity of the Agriculture Department and Pastoral and Lands Board defied the wishes of the local community, arranged a lease to another pastoralist whose condition was the removal of the horses, resulted in the aerial cull last week.

Another case in the long list of dispossessed and ignored indigenous Kimberley people.  Their community corporate structures put them at a huge disadvantage in land tenure, so they are forever unable to access funds for station improvements and working capital.
The comments by Rob Gillam in your article, comparing horses to cats, reeks of the indifference to animal welfare of Departments and Pastoralists that allowed this cruelty to happen. Large numbers of private property owners were prepared to re-home large numbers of horses, yet this was not allowed, supposedly as ownership was contested.

So what about the rest of the feral animals in the Kimberley that do far more damage to the environment. Very little is being done about stopping cats, pigs, foxes, donkeys, toads, and even cattle running wild in remote river systems and National Parks. Are they going to shoot them all from helicopters now? This inhumane and completely unnecessary horse cull was undertaken purely for financial reasons. A recent Environmental study by the Department of the Environment is now being totally ignored by allowing thousands more cattle access to the largest natural freshwater lake in Australia, a proposed Ramsar wetland.
This whole episode disgusts me about Government interference and double dealing by the ALT. Indigenous communities are let down at every stage. The vet at the cull admitted one percent of the horses were left injured to die slowly after the cull, not to mention foals with broken legs.”

The Clinton Wolf character has some form:

Clinton is a Founding Member and Director of the Indigenous Steering Group,
the Indigenous Arm of the Australian Uranium Association.  Clinton is also a
Member of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Desert Land
Aboriginal Corporation, the Prescribed Body Corporate for the Martu Native
Title Determination.  He is also the Chair of the Western Australian
Aboriginal Lands Trust.

Clinton played the leading role in closing a landmark transaction involving
the Martu People of Western Australia and sale of Rio Tinto’s Kintyre
Uranium deposit to the Cameco-Mitsubishi Consortium.

Clinton was also the CEO of the Pilbara Native Title Service, Native Title
Representative Body Ashburton Pilbara Region of Western Australia.  Prior to
this, Clinton served as CEO of Yamatji Land and Sea Council, Native Title
Representative Body Murchison Gascoyne Region of Western Australia.

Clinton has also served as a Director of the West Australian Native Title
Working group.  Clinton was also a Consultant to the following mining and
exploration companies: Kimberley Diamonds, Consolidated Minerals, Pilbara
Manganese, Pilbara Chromite, Rio Tinto, De Grey Mining, Atlas Iron, Sons of
Gwalia, Aquila Resources, Moly Mines and Blina Diamonds.


The origin of the Arabian horse remains a great zoological mystery. Although
this unique breed has had a distinctive national identity for centuries, its
history nevertheless is full of subtleties, complexities and contradictions.
It defies simple interpretation.

When we first encounter the Arabian, or the prototype of what is known today
as the Arabian, he is somewhat smaller than his counterpart today. Otherwise
he has essentially remained unchanged throughout the centuries.

Authorities are at odds about where the Arabian horse originated. The
subject is hazardous, for archaeologists’ spades and shifting sands of time
are constantly unsettling previously established thinking. There are certain
arguments for the ancestral Arabian having been a wild horse in northern
Syria, southern Turkey and possibly the piedmont regions to the east as
well.  The area along the northern edge of the Fertile Crescent comprising
part of Iraq and running along the Euphrates and west across Sinai and along
the coast to Egypt, offered a mild climate and enough rain to provide an
ideal environment for horses. Other historians suggest this unique breed
originated in the southwestern part of Arabia, offering supporting evidence
that the three great river beds in this area provided natural wild pastures
and were the centers in which Arabian horses appeared as undomesticated
creatures to the early inhabitants of southwestern Arabia. (h/t wildhorseskimberley)c6c2

Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory

h4Update, some support for the cause against helicopter shooting of horses from the US:

Australia: Stop killing wild horses. Clinton Wolf and RSPCA spin piece (graphic images)


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