Politician PanicExposure is the most effective tool we have to challenge authority who runs under cover of legislation protection under submissive arrogance dating decades of dictatorial politics.

You may review this video collection, establish your your findings, and by all means do not walk away without an informed decision.

Political control and manipulation is for the demise of the Australian heritage wild horse – The Brumby.  

If we stand by letting these taxpayer funded public servants call the shots based on radical group science fiction engineering that historic world scientific analysis has proven horses and grazing animals are the nucleolus of forest and wilderness salvation – then the Australian wild horse must die.

Why is Australia so out of step with world scientific archaeological facts, could it have something to do with government funding junkets disguising career paths to obtain preselected results?

Your conclusions are your guide to action or to non-action.

National Parks in 2000 instigated a covert operation to aerial shoot the brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Park,. The result you will see was horrific, inhumane, and ended with unaccountablity of both overnment and the NSW RSPCA…

More recent is this footage of a sniper person executing Brumbies in the Victorian Snowy that to date has not attracted any government or Vic national Parks reaction a concerned public would expect.



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